I’ve been meaning to write this post for two months now. I bought this set in early December and was so eager to try it! The problem arose when the set’s reality didn’t meet my expectations. I was so happy with the Summer and Autumn sets I had bought that it didn’t even occur to me that I might not like the Winter trio. They are pretty, there’s no denying that but something is amiss with every shade for me.

Anyway, let’s see what this winter has prepared for us. The theme of the little box this season is Far North and the shades are very wintery indeed. I am extremely glad the brand didn’t go for some Christmas-themed polishes and created something more interesting.


Polaris is described as a dark blue holographic with different sized holo flakes, blue and purple shimmer. I was excited about this one the most. I love blue polishes and this shade looked fantastic in every swatch picture I saw. It does look great in any artificial light but in daylight the flakes were more silvery and since there are a lot of them the overall result was not as wonderful. Too much silver took away the pleasure for me.

The good thing is that it does shift from blue to purple thanks to the shimmer but I couldn’t for the life of me capture that shift! The polish is also very pigmented and can be opaque in one thicker coat. I like it better without any topcoat as I find that extra glossiness adds up to that silver sparkle.



Glacies is described as a white jelly with orange shimmer and gold-orange shimmer. Oh I was looking forward to painting this icy beauty! I had read that it wasn’t the easiest in terms of application but it didn’t scare me. All I thought was «oh come on, we’ve seen enough bad boys over the years, we can easily manage this one». Ha-ha, I was naive. It’s goopy. Seriously goopy. Damn it. I used so much of bad language that I am embarrassed to admit that. Let’s say this: this polish and your trusty thinner will become good friends. If you think that once thinned it’ll be enough, let me tell you the bad news. After a couple of days it will need more thinner. It got addicted, I guess.

It gets sheer after being thinned but that’s not a bad thing. Now that it’s easy to maneuver, you can actually apply it without using obscene language. It does take three coats that way but at least they are nice to do! Yes, there’s still some visible nail line but we’ll call that an ephemeral look. I’m not even being ironic here — the sheerness suits this polish very much. It also looks much better with a topcoat on. Those glitters are oh so pretty and my heart is almost ready to melt until my brain goes «the application was terrible, toss it and never return».



Arctic is described as a dark teal jelly with different sized silver, red and wlite as ice metallic glitter. I was trying this polish last and all I kept thinking was «okay, what kind of a pain in the neck are you going to be?» I shouldn’t have worried that much because there aren’t any nasty surprises with this shade. The polish has tons of chunky glitters in it so you’ll need a thicker topcoat (or maybe even two coats of topcoat). I did one coat of my beloved Essie Gel Setter and it was okay. I could feel some texture but it was minimal so I didn’t opt for a second coat of topcoat.

I like the idea of this polish and it looks stunning in the bottle and in every macro shot but would I wear it on a daily basis? Probably not. I spent two days with it on my nails and it was too noisy and distracting. I don’t know whether it was the timing that was wrong or the mood but I didn’t fell in love with this polish.


You have probably guessed by now that I don’t have a favourite this time and it is kind of awkward 🙂 It is even more surprising because whenever I look at that trio together I can’t help but admire the shades and the theme. I wish that white jelly applied better and the blue shade looked as wonderful as it looks in every photo (that’s a photogenic son of a peach!) I have nothing to say against the teal one — it is still a great mix, it’s just somehow wasn’t my cup of polish.

Since there are no polish favourites in this post, I’ll pick these cute penguins and the explorer today simply because why not 🙂