Shall we talk about a new polish brand that releases a themed box of polishes every season? We most definitely shall. I’m talking about Tips Nail Polish, a Russian nail polish brand, that released their second box on September, 1st.

The theme of the box is Autumn and we got three polishes with different finishes that have very well-suited names 🙂 Each box comes with a card with a lovely image that matches the theme of the box.

Let’s take a look at how the brand sees autumn.


The first shade is called Fronde which means ‘foliage’. It’s easy to see where the name came from and why it was chosen for this shade. The colour of leaves from the park, those beautiful autumnal bouquets — everything is here in this polish.

The brand describes it as a red jelly base filled with holographic flakes and fine orange shimmer. It is very pigmented and it is packed with flakes so it can easily cover in one coat if your nails are short. I did one for my pictures.

The holographic flakes don’t give any insane sparkle, they are quite shy, I would say. Depending on the lighting this polish can look much warmer almost to the point of transforming into an autumn orange.


The next shade is called Choko which, I’m sure you’ve guessed already, means ‘chocolate’. It looks like a real cup of hot chocolate without any milk added.

The brand describes it as a dark chocolate-coloured jelly base with holographic flakes of different sizes. Now this is a shade that does have a strong holographic effect! It’s insane in the sunlight and it can even show it its holo magic in the shade. It’s just magnificient — it’s my favourite chocolate holo polish nowadays.

it covers easily in two coats but I would recommend a topcoat because the bigger holo flakes can give just a little bit of texture when the polish dries.


The third shade is called Pluvia which means ‘rain’ in Latin. Yet again the name is very fitting as the polish reminds of those autumn rains that have their own mood and colour — when you’re going home and it’s getting dark and your’re looking at glowing street lights that look blurry because of the rain. That’s what this polish is about for me.

I did two coats for my pictures and used a glossy topcoat. This shade doesn’t make my skin look red and I appreciate that very much.


I won’t even try to pick a fave this time — simply because this trio is sold as a set and that solve my problem! I can safely say «I pick them all» this time 🙂

It’s a well-balanced set: the colours are great for autumn, we get a variety of textures and all the polishes perform really well. I’m really happy with my purchase!