Rogue Lacquer released their new collection on Sept 14th which consists of 7 rainbow-coloured polishes with shifting shimmer in them. They are available on the brand’s website here (click) so let’s see the swatches now 🙂

Lemon-scented Life

This one is said to be a sunshine yellow jelly with blue, green and indigo color shifting shimmers. It is notably sheer but the formula here is wonderful, it applies evenly and the shimmer looks very pretty. I did three thicker coats for this one and I also added one more coat for my ring finger. I would suggest using a nude base coat that could really help reduce the number of covers to cover the nail line.

Believe In Magic

This is described as a bright tangerine jelly with green to gold color shifting shimmers. This looks very juicy and makes me think of summer fruit somehow. It took three coats to get it opaque but the formula itself was great so everything applied evenly.

Korgi Undercover

This one is described as a cherry red jelly with red to green shifting shimmer. This one is soooo bright! But wait, it gets even brighter because of that shimmer! Such a fun polish! It was more pigmented than the rest of the collection so I only did two thicker coats.


Now this beauty is said to be a grass green jelly with green to purple color shifting shimmers. The polish is beyond beautiful (I mean, it’s green, of course it’s beautiful) and the shimmer here stands out so well! I did three thin coats with this polish.

Whales Chat Too

I think this should be described as magical but the official description says it’s a bright sapphire blue jelly with blue to turquoise color shifting shimmers. This one is very bright too and the shimmer makes it lean more on the teal side sometimes. It was a bit more sheer than I had expected but covered well in three thin coats.

The Rainbow Connection

This one is described as a luscious grape jelly with blue purple color shifting shimmers. It was quite sheer so I had to do three thicker coats to get it opaque but I would suggest going for a nude base to help you minimise the number of coats or use a matching creme maybe. The shimmer is very noticeable here and the polish changes its colours constantly thanks to it.

The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me

This is a very soft violet jelly with purple pink and gold color shifting shimmer. Again, it’s quite sheer so you’ll need an extra coat or two to build it up. It looks incredibly soft and lovely in just one coat (just a wash of colour and some glimmer from those shimmers) so it you don’t have any free edge or just like a see-through polish on your nails, you might be interested in trying to wear it that way. For everyone else — three thicker coats for full opacity.

I really like Jeepin (the shimmers are gorgeous there!) although it doesn’t go particularly well with my skintone and I also like Korgi Undercover with its fierceness of colour. I didn’t wear topcoat in any of the swatches above, except the macro of Lemon-scented Life, so the shine the polishes have is their own 🙂