Hello hello! I am extremely excited about today’s post because the collection I’m going to tell about is inspired by a book! I’m a very bookish person and it pleases me so much every time I see a collection of polishes based on a piece of literature. Especially if I like this piece of literature 🙂

I am also very happy to introduce a new-to-me brand on the blog. I haven’t tried any Quixotic Polish shades before so these seven beauties are my first experience. The collection is based on The Little Prince, a book by Antoine Saint-Exupéry that I love a lot. These polishes will debut at the Polish Con Event in New Orleans on April 6th and will be available on the brand’s website (here) on April 7th.

Now shall we see the shades, please? There are some real treasures, I’m telling you! 🙂


Funny Creature

This polish is described as a a striking cobalt blue base with green to purple shifting shimmer and green/violet shifting iridescent micro flakes. I’ve seen so many translations that have different variations of the «funny creature». There was «funny animal», «strange animal», etc. I love «funny creature» the most actually but now it makes me wonder what the original French text had.

Never mind my translation ramblings because we’re here to look at this gorgeous colour and marvel at its beauty! It’s noticeably sheer (which helps the flakes and the shimmer stay as visible as they are) so you’ll probably need three coats. The other thing to keep in mind is that if you want the colour to look exactly as it does in the bottle, you should probably you a nude base coat (I can’t have a post without bringing my ridgefiller up, right?). I tried applying this polish over a clear base and it leaned more teal on the nails that way.

My pictures show three coats of polish on a ridgefilling base coat.


Absolute Monarch

This polish is described as a a super vibrant multichrome that shifts mainly between magenta, green and copper. The name for this shade comes from a king whose planet was visited by our dear little prince once. The king tolerated no disobedience. He was an absolute monarch. But, because he was a very good man, he made his orders reasonable. That sounds like a very nice monarch, right? 🙂

The monarch gets even better when we look at the colour, or to be more accurate, at the colours! There are a lot of shades in this polish and with every movement on the hand it’s just to easy to get hypnotised and spend an hour or two staring lovingly at its shifts. It needed two thin coats only. Marvellous!



The next shade is described as a dazzling array of holo particles shine through a base of Aurora shifting shimmer that move from purple to red to green in certain lights. This description is so pretty that it instantly makes me think of Lamplighter the character that the prince met in the book. The Lamplighter who spends his days lighting his street lamps and then putting the lights out.

The shimmer in the polish shifts beautifully in real life but it is sort of camera-shy, I guess, so I had a fun time trying to capture it 🙂 But no worries, dear shimmer, I can understand you perfectly well, I freak out too when there’s someone trying to take my picture haha.



Draw Me A Sheep

The polish is described as a delicate baby pink base with a touch of holo sparkles and delicately decorated with lime to indigo iridescent flakes. I describe it as a «oh, you pretty baby!» 🙂 The name comes from an odd little voice that asked, surprise surprise, to draw him a sheep. I actually love this episode from the book so much. If you haven’t read it, I won’t spoil it for you but let me tell you this: the sheep that was drawn there is a very pretty one, just check it out for yourself.

The polish is as cute as its name suggests. It’s a sheer rosy prettiness so soft and delicate, full of air and silkiness. The flakies are very easily noticeable to the eye but it’s tricky for my camera to catch them in the artificial light. I mattified the polish after taking most of my pics and it helped me capture the flakes and their beauty. I did three coats of polish + top coat.



Le Petit Prince

The polish is described as a blue base dances with a purple to copper to green shifting shimmer and finished with holo flair. This is getting difficult to write about because by now (by this polish, I mean) I have re-read the book again and I can’t help but love the character. Having a polish that has a name of your favourite character or a book is such a nice thing for a bookaholic. Now I’m getting too emotional because of a book and a polsih… No, I’m still not crazy 🙂

The shimmer here is so pretty! It makes the polish so vibrant and different depending on the light and angle. What a handsome prince this is!



Peculiar Planet

This shade is described as a greyed out periwinkle base that features holo micro sparkles, green/blue iridescent flakes and purple/copper shifting shimmer. This polish makes me think of some distant undiscovered planets with their soil of a certain greyed periwinkle colour and their sky with its purplish clouds. There are peculiar plants with their stems and leaves so glowy and enchanting and their flowers so coppery and radiant.

The shade is great for those days when I want something demure and understated but that has a bit of something extra if you look close enough. Those flashes of green here and there make the polish mysterious and alluring.




The last shade in the collection is described as an orchid base with a heavy dose of aurora color shifting shimmer and red/green and blue/green iridescent flakes with a light touch of holo sparkle. This is a spiffy outfit of a polish! So bright, catchy and ready to celebrate! Understandably so — if you feel homesick for your own planet and then you’ll get a chance to back there, then you sure have a reason to celebrate! 🙂

I like all kinds of purples so I am very happy that we got a purple shade in the collection! It looks beautiful on its own (two coats here), mattified or as one coat over something that matches its base colour. Love!


This collection is really pretty! I loved all the shades (all the colours are my cup of tea), although I have to say that my skintone isn’t the best one for Lamplighter but hey, this happens sometimes. I would very much like to see that shade on somebody with darker skin, I bet it will look awesome. I always think of Kiz from One Hundred Brushes (her IG) — she rocks the shades that look bland on me like no other!

Now to the favourites, of course! Draw Me A Sheep and Funny Creature are both complete stunners so I’ll have to pick those! I’ll stealthily put Absolute Monarch away together with Le Petit Prince — no cheating here, I need to save them for autumn, they will be gorgeous during those moths. Peculiar Planet is a go-to for my December and February nail picks. Seasonal wearer just can’t part with any of the polishes 🙂

I know I’m being somewhat dramatic and overjoyed by the colours but I am so happy whenever there is a WHOLE collection that I like 🙂 I like the choice of colours, the flakes and the shifts so yes, I am thrilled by this collection and I hope you’ll like the shades too.

I have been eyeing a couple.. okay, a dozen shades from Quixotic Polish for some time now (and I cross my fingers that certain polishes will still be in stock on their website next time my bank account says it’s fine to order more polish)

I do also hope that the brand will grow bigger and will be available through stockists some day (I would be very happy to see it at Hypnotic Polish, for example).


*provided by the brand







  • I love reading your polish collection reviews Alice, you always write such an evocative post. Although I have never read this book (I initially confused it in my mind with The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, which traumatised me as a child) 😢 but it sounds a really sweet story and the polishes are delightful. I love how each individual is beautifully conceived, but also how well they look together. Fabulous collection! 😍