It’s been a week since Quixotic Polish released their new collection and I still have those polishes all for myself which isn’t very fair since they are gorgeous and need to be shared with the world 🙂

The Island Flakies collection consists of 3 crelly flakies and 1 flakie topper. They were released on 8th June and are available on the brand’s website (here). Let’s see the shades now!

Tiki Torches

This polish is described as a soft neon orange crelly filled with gold to pink to green iridescent flakes. It’s a coral-y type of orange which I always appreciate. Some oranges can be too yellow for my skin so whenever there’s an orange that leans more towards coral, I’m very excited.

I would say that it is a jelly polish, it’s pleasantly squishy and juicy and it looks super summery. I did three thin coats for my pictures and added topcoat. This type of flakie does not make a polish gritty or textured but you might see *some* texture (see only, I’m not talking about textured to the touch) so I always go for a coat of topcoat for extra smoothness.


This polish is described as a aqua crelly filled to the brim with vivid pink to green shifting iridescent flakes. Ah, this colour makes me think of refreshing waterfall bays and cool pleasant water that is so great to enjoy on a hot summer day. Okay, sorry, I digress here.

I did two coats of polish and some of my nails required three coats (I went with a thin second coat there so needed to cover my visible nail line). Again, a coat of topcoat for extra gloss and smoothness.

Poolside Luau

This polish is described as a vivid, deep periwinkle crelly base loaded with pink to green shifting iridescent flakes. I went to check what Luau means and it is actually a Hawaiian party centered around feasting on traditional cuisine. It often involves some form of entertainment (hula and traditional music). If these celebrations are held in the evening, then I can totally see those sunset coloured flakies in a pool of twilight tinted pool.

Two coats for this polish but I was generous with my second coat, please keep that in mind. A coat of topcoat accompanied this polish too.

Lei It On Me

This topper is described as a flakie topper absolutely packed with stunning pink to gold to green shifting iridescent flakies. Best shown over a darker base color, but can be a great addition to any polish or worn on its own for a subtle opalescent look. Lei is a Polynesian garland of flowers and if you look at the images of those flowers, you can easily see why this polish got its name. It has a variety of colours and they all shift effortlessly showing many different shades.

I did one coat over black and I think that I didn’t do it justice actually. It looks absolutely fantastic over bright blues, purples, greens and well, practically every other colour. If you have a nice pastel shade (not too washed-out), try this topper over that too, it will look wonderful.

Now I’m supposed to give you something resembling a summary but I’m at a loss here since all the polishes here do look amazing. The coral-y shade is pure tropical summer, the aqua shade is right what one needs on a shamelessly hot day, the periwinkle with its partying wibe and Hawaiian music helps me forget all those mundane things of everyday life and the topper, oh the topper can make even the plainest of polishes look fascinating!

So what should I choose? I’m still on a purple/lilac/lavender kick so my heart skips a beat whenever there’s the bottle of Poolside Luau within my reach. Having said that, I’m going to firmly say «Poolside Luau» and close my eyes quickly before I can spot any other polishes from this collection 🙂


*provided by the brand