Quixotic Polish is bringing us a very vampy collection this Spring: 5 not at all spring-like polishes that look absolutely gorgeous. The collection features 5 deeper shades that are generously packed with flakies, hence the name of the release — the Flakie Bombs collection 🙂

The collection will be available on the brand’s website (here) starting Saturday, April 18th, at 11 AM PST.



Ambrosia is described as a dark teal blue base ignited with red to gold to green shifting shimmers and accented with holo micro flakes. This one is unbelievably good and so shifty! The contrast between the dark, cool-toned teal and that warm glowing orange enhances both colours and the green shift makes me think of some magical potion or elixir. The formula is great here as usual with Quixotic. I did 2 coats and added topcoat.


Red Ivy

Red Ivy is described as a lush brick maroon filled to the brim with a dazzling array of red/gold/green iridescent flakes. The brand’s not lying, this polish is filled to the brim with flakies indeed! The formula is on the jelly side which allows the flakes to really shine through. I did 2 coats for my pics (+topcoat) but if you want a deeper red, a third coat will get you there.



Nightshade is described as a blackened teal base packed with red/gold/green and green/blue shifting iridescent flakes. It reminds me of deep dark waters of a river or lake at night. Apparently there was moonlight that night because those flakes reflect the light (even dim one) really well. The polish is a jelly but a pigmented one so I ended up using 2 coats only. Shown with topcoat here.


Haunting is described as a raisin purple base full of a delicate red/green shifting iridescent flake. This one is pure bliss! It’s rich, it’s intense, it’s a flakie galore in a suave purple base. The formula is very jelly-ish here so you might want to do 3 coats if you prefer thin ones. I went with 2 thicker ones because I’m lazy and tend to minimise the number of coats if I can 🙂



Aquamarine is described as an oceanic turquoise with aqua holo microglitters and blue/green/gold shifting iridescent flakes. Oh this one is such a pain in the neck when it comes to accurate colour representation in the pictures. What I see on my laptop screen differs very much from the colours on my phone. The main thing to keep in mind is that this shade is vivid, it might photograph as a sort of dull turquoise but it is anything but that. This one took me 3 coats to cover my nail line + topcoat.


Ah, the favourites! With a collection like this I want to grab everything and run as fast as I can before anyone makes me choose just one shade. Since I’ve been in self-isolation for over a month now, I don’t think I’ll be able to run either fast or for a long period of time, so I’ll surrender now and take my pick. I loved Ambrosia with its gorgeous shifts and a beautiful teal base and I also absolutely adore Haunting, the combination of that deep vampy base and the glowing flakes made me swoon.


*provided by the brand





  • Oh wow, these are sure stunning polishes 😀