The «Goodbye Summer» collection is coming to the Quixotic site on Aug 20th so we are going to talk about them today here :)The brand has decided to celebrate the end of summer with a bang and has 6 bright and shifty shades to offer.

There are just a couple of questions the brand wanted to address to you! Are you ready to say goodbye to underboob sweat? To electric bills higher than Willie Nelson? To mosquitoes being the only one lookin at you like a snack? If you are ready, then please do come say goodbye to summer with this stunning collection of 4 shimmers and 2 shimmer flakies!

2 Become 1

The first shade is described as a light orchid based shimmer that moves through blue to aqua to pink. The base is quite sheer but I somehow managed to do only two coats. If you have longer nails, you might want to do three but maybe doing two thicker coats will do too. I like contrasting shimmer in my polishes so I’m very pleased how that green-to-pink shimmer looks against the orchid base. I don’t have any topcoat here and the polish dried quite quickly by itself so I’m glad to report that it can be worn without topcoat at all.


Poison Ivy

The next shade is said to be a vibrant jungle green base that moves through blue to purple to pink at high angles. I love the way this green looks with its blue shift. It’s the most prominent in the shade and that makes me super happy — those gloomy November days are sure to be brightened up by this shifting beauty! I did two coats here and no topcoat.


Fire Walk

This polish is described as a rose gold neon coral shimmer that shifts through gold to green to blue at high angles. Now that is a fancy description! The colour is indeed difficult to describe because depending on the lighting and the angle you’ll see many different shades. This polish has a strong pink shift at certain angles but it didn’t really feel like being captured so I had to be content with what I had in my macro shot. See that pink hue on the left side of my nail? That’s what I’m talking about, only it’s more noticeable in real life. I did three coats for this polish, two coats weren’t enough to hide my nail line.


Southern Nights

This one is a violet base with a stunning baby blue to aqua shimmer that shifts to purple and pink at high angles. At first I thought it would be too similar to 2 Become 1 but this one is much more on the cooler side and it is also my personal favourite of the two (simply because cooler purples go better with my skin tone). I did two coats for my pictures but a third one would deepen the colour for a more sultry look.


Skies of Blue

Now to the flakie ones! The first of the two is described as a sweet sky blue with pink to gold to green shifting shimmer and gold/green shifting iridescent flakes. That baby blue is sooooo pretty! It took three coats and only my first one was thin. I blame my very noticeable nail line so if you don’t have any free edge you’ll be okay with two coats, I think. At least I would be 🙂 I must confess I’m a bit overwhelmed with everything flakie right now but this one is really lovely, even I am unable to resist. I did add topcoat here to smooth everything out and help the flakes and shimmers pop.


By The Lake

The next flakie shade is a murky turquoise base with a blue to purple to green Aurora shimmer mixed with green to gold to red iridescent flakes.  The camera makes it look a bit more blue than it really is so please pay attention to the word «turquoise» in the description, it doesn’t lie 🙂 I did three thin coats here and added topcoat for the macro shot only.


I really love that this collection still retains that bright summer vibe that can be easily incorporated into fall looks. I don’t know about your autumn but mine here gets too dark and grey when October hits so these shades warmed up by the August fun are a great way to cheer those colder days up. I think I’ll go with Poison Ivy as my favourite. It is a great saturated green with an amazing shift. The colours compliment each other so well that it’s impossible not to pick this one 🙂


*provided by the brand