Earlier this moth Quixotic Polish released their fall collection consisting of five creme polishes and a topper to accompany them. It’s not that often that an indie brand offers us a full collection of polishes that are al cremes so I was pretty excited to try them. I don’t show creme polishes here or on my Instagram that often but I actually love them dearly and after a couple of years of my love affair with indie brands creme finish is still one of my absolute favourites.

The polishes here actually have more of a crelly feel to them, they are squishy and shiny and they feel «lighter» in terms of the texture. They are still nicely pigmented though so you probably won’t need more than two coats (except maybe with the mustard one). All the swatches below show the shades without topcoat.



That polish would be gorgeous for the name alone but it’s more than that — it’s a aubergine purple crelly that applies so well and dries super shiny. I can’t believe I used to dismiss purples because now I live in them during the autumn-winter time. This one is great for October and November, I love those warmer purples in the autumn.


Fruited Olive

Is there anything better than an olive coloured polish right now? Probably rusty shades also… But since we didn’t get any of those, it’ll be easier for us to enjoy this green without any other distractions. It actually looks a bit lighter than my pictures show but in certain lighting it will certainly look like this. I’ve worn this twice already and that says a lot because that’s just my second polish of the month that I chose to wear myself and not because I needed to swatch it and then there was no more time to remove it and it stayed on my nails for several days.


Mustard Seed

Do you like mustard? I mean to eat 🙂 I don’t like the taste but I love everything mustard-coloured (even mustard the food itself) so this little guy right there is very welcome to join my polish family! It was a bit more sheere than the rest of the collection so I did three coats for my pictures. I think I’ll try it over a nude base next time and it’ll be good in two, although I’m not sure if two will be enough for longer nails.


Blood of Another

This is a beautiful classic shade with a great formula and that wonderful jelly feel to it. There’s not much to say here except I love it and am ready to wear it any day of the year. Oh, and some bordeaux jellies are a nightmare when it comes to clean up and removal but I didn’t experience any problems with this one. In fact, I didn’t even have to do any clean up which is unusual 🙂


French Navy

This shade was instant love for me simply because the word «navy» has a weird spell on me. Whenever I see a polish, a piece of clothing, or a book that can be described as a navy, I lose my mind and can not resist buying that navy thing. Thank heavens, I love the colour itself too, so most of the times I end up having something new and beautiful (even though unnecessary sometimes). I love the shade here too and while I admit that I own probably a dozen more teal-blue shades, I’ll keep this one too because it’s a bit lighter and brighter than my other polishes and because it’s a crelly.


Golden Eye

The last polish I’m about to show you is this topper filled with gold flakes. I have a couple more toppers like this and I genuinely thought they were all the same. I pulled the other two I had (Painted Polish and ILNP) and the Quixotic one turned out to be more of a lime gold while the other two are more of a warmer, bronzier type of gold. I mean, yes, they are still all gold flakie toppers but if you’re picky about that golden undertone, then it might be useful to know the difference.

The topper looks great over all the colour from the collection and I would actually want to know if there is a colour that wouldn’t be great as a base 🙂 I used Aubergenius as my base and added one coat of Golden Eye for my pictures.


I’m struggling to pick a fave here because the palette is really pretty and so good for the season. The great naming doesn’t help to pick just one either. Well, I think I’ll say French Navy and Fruited Olive because this is what I’m gravitating towards. Now I can go and paint my nails with that lovely purple again 🙂


*provided by the brand





  • Nice collection and cute topper 😀

    • The colours look so good together! and I think I can’t get enough of those gold flakie toppers, probably my fave kind of toppers for now 🙂