This February marks the 3rd anniversary for Quixotic Polish so the brand decided to celebrate the occasion by bringing out a collection dedicated to it. I’ve known he brand for only a year but I still remember their anniversary collection last year (those were seriously gorgeous magnetic polishes!) so I’m really glad the Mary went to do more magnetic shades, she does excel at creating those!

This collection has 6 polishes altogether, 3 of them are magnetic polishes and 3 are fan favourites that have been slightly changed and re-released for the occasion. They will be available starting February 22nd on the brand’s website (here).


Deciduous 2.0

This polish was first released as a colour of the month in September, 2018. Now it’s coming back as a slightly lighter and less dusty version of the original. It has shifting shimmer now that makes the polish even better! It applies easily in two coats + I recommend topcoat to make the flakes pop and add more shine to it.


Evening Drawing Nigh 2.0

The next shade is a re-release of a polish that came out in March 2018. The new version has a bit less glitter which allows you to really enjoy all those multichrome shifts that the base colour has to offer. Due to the glitter the polish is slightly thicker than the rest of the collection; nothing terrible though, just saying that it won’t be the same as the rest of them. It took 2 coats to get it opaque (I think I can even try and get away with 1, though) + it needed 2 coats of topcoat to smooth out all the glitters. It sparkles like crazy! I had a blast with this shade!


Razzle My Berries 2.0

This polish is a re-release of the July colour of the month from 2018. The new version has more shimmer in it and less holo flakes. I can totally see why it was first release as a summer colour of the month — it totally makes me think of hot summer nights and party time. It is a bit more liquid-y than the rest of the collection but I still didn’t have troubles with it.My photos show 2 coats of polish + topcoat.



The next three shades are all magnetic polishes. This one is a navy base with aqua/purple shifting shimmer gives way to a silver/green/pink/gold magnetic pull. My photos show a lot of green but the polish actually has no problem showing its navy side in real life at all. These are all the colours I typically enjoy in a polish so I was ecstatic about Highness. I did 2 coat + topcoat. I find that holding a magnet after applying topcoat helps achieve more of a crisp line.


Queen of Shade

The next magnetic shade is this pink/gold/green magnetic microflake topper adorned with striking aqua/marine blue flakes. This can indeed be worn as a topper but you can also wear it on its own because it covers beautifully. If you want it to wear as a topper, I would suggest doing a thin coat over a base colour of your preference, then use a magnet + topcoat it and use a magnet again to seal the effect. For my pictures I opted for a full mani with this polish. It took me 2 coats to get it opaque + I added topcoat for smoothness and shine.



The last magnetic polish is a pink/gold/green magnetic pull with a royal purple base with purple/blue shifting shimmer. This is truly majestic! The colours look so good paired together in one polish! It has a strong gold/bronze kind of shift which got shy in front of my camera (but it was perfectly visible with my naked eye). I did 2 coats of polis + added topcoat for my middle and ring fingers.


Such a beautiful release! Congratulations dear Mary! Wishing you and your brand the best and hoping to see Quixotic creating many more beauties for the years to come! I’m going to celebrate the brand’s anniversary wearing Queen of Shade. Such a striking beauty! I simply can’t resist!


*provided by the brand


  • Oh wow, these are stunning and I love your photos 😀

    • Thank you so, so much! 😍

  • Wow these are fabulous Alice! It’s the three magnetic shades that have really caught my eye. I might just need to play with those! 🤩🤩🤩

    • Those magnetics are the real deal! I loved all three of them but oh my, Queen of Shade was especially delightful!