Long time no see! I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired when it was about taking polish bottle pictures and that discouraged me from writing about anything. Then, a couple of days ago I just stopped thinking about it as something that I «absolutely had to do» and started playing with polishes without actually forcing myself to create anything «good» and specific 🙂

It worked! Now that I had my intro picture, I could write this post and show you the beauties. In case you’re wondering, yes, I can not write posts without a group photo of the collection I’m writing about, that’s how weird I am. Sometimes that’s the only thing that keeps me from showing you more polishes here on my blog 🙂

Anyway, today it is all about the Haispray collection by Quixotic Polish that debuted May 18th at The Indie Shop Anaheim. The remaining bottles of all the shades will be available at Quixotic Polish website (here) starting May 20th at 10 am PST. This collection of four polishes is inspired by the character Edna Turnblad from the musical Hairspray. As Mary, the owner of the brand, says, Edna is a character that truly spoke to her, she takes on her fears and insecurities to finally free herself and dance her inhibitions away!

The Whole Parade

Let’s start with the bright one! This polish is described as a vibrant coral with highlights of orange to pink shifting shimmer packed with holo microflakes. When they say it is vibrant, they don’t lie! It is very bright indeed and shifts wonderfully to pink and sunny orange thanks to that shimmer. It is nicely pigmented and you’ll only need two thin coats for full coverage.


Go Mama

The next shade is described as a dusty lavender with heavy shifts of pink to green shifting shimmer and holo micro flakes. This is such a lovely polish! I’m very into lavender shades right now so it’s no surprise that I liked this one too.The shift from the shimmer is very much noticeable in any lighting and that green hue is more of a soft golden colour with a green tinge which I find to be very flattering against the lavender base. The formula here is great too. Two thin coats will cover easily.


Timeless To Me

Up next is a dusty cobalt with violet to green shifting shimmer, linear holo and micro holo flakes. I find this one to be quite bright on my nails which I don’t mind in the least. It looks fantastic now then we’ve entered those warmer months. The shimmer here is very active and you’ll easily see pink, violet and green hues with every movement of your hands. Again, two thin coats is all it takes 🙂


Look Out Old Baltimore

The fourth shade of the collection is a white crelly filled with red to green Aurora shimmer and packed with red/gold/green multichrome flakes. I love white polishes so I was super intrigued by this one. I was also cautious as those white polishes are often notoriously stubborn when it comes to application. Fear not! This is probably the easiest white crelly to apply. Well, at least my own ratings say so 🙂 I did two coats on my trusty ridgefilling base and then added a coat of topcoat. Love!



There is also one more shade from the brand that I want you to meet. Technically it’s not part of the Hairspray collection but it was released at the same time and it looks gorgeous which is reason enough, right? It is described as a deep teal with original unicorn pigment shifting from red to gold to green and even blue at extreme angles, decorated with subtle glowing blue iridescent flakes.

It is noticeably sheer and needs to be built up. It is sheer for a reason — that allows the flakes in the polish to stay visible and well, fabulous 🙂 No worries, though! It takes only a coat more! I did three coats for my pictures and while my VNL was still a tad visible, the overall result was awesome! I also added a coat of topcoat.


My absolute favourite of the bunch is the white beauty, Look Out Old Baltimore. It is super pretty, the shimmer shifts easily and looks so great and on top of that the application is a breeze with this shade! A very handsome Baltimore for sure! It is closely followed by Warlocks — that polish is an absolute magic in a bottle! I like the combination of colours in this polish and the ability to use it on its own or as a topper.


*provided by the brand