This April Painted Polish decided to cheer us up with a new quartet featuring four pastel crellies. The collection is called ‘Spring Has Sprung’ and it includes 4 shades with colour-shifting flakes. The colours are super pretty and they do feel like spring!

I find that the flakes in this collection are bigger than the brand usually uses. The texture feels airy which allows those flakes reveal all their shifts. I did 2 coats for each polish in this post.

They are available already on the brand’s website (here) and they will go to stockists too. Let’s now see the swatches 🙂


Lavender Lush

The first shade is described as a lavender crelly base with green, gold and blue color-shifting flakies. I had my doubts about this shade as I was afraid the colours of the flakes and that lavender hue of the base might clash. I ended up liking this polish the most. I still can’t explain why everything worked out fine for me but I’m glad it did. I added topcoat here because it helps the flakes pop.


Minty Meadows

The next shade is described as a minty crelly base with green, gold and blue color-shifting flakies. This one, on the other hand, was my most anticipated shade when I first took all of them out of the package. I love everything mint and was instantly drawn to this polish but it couldn’t beat its lavender twin. The formula and application are the same, no issues here, but the contrast between the colours is not as striking for me personally as with the lavender shade.


Bloomin’ Bluebells

It is described as a baby blue crelly base with green, gold and blue color-shifting flakies. Baby blue is another colour that I always fall for. I like how airy it looks in 2 coats here, reminds me of a gust of wind that suddenly breaks through the window on a summer morning.


Blushin’ Blossom

The last shade of the quartet is described as a blush crelly base with green, gold and blue color-shifting flakies. I like this one in theory (= when it’s not on my nails) but I don’t like what it does to my skintone when I have this polish on. 2 coats of polish will leave it just a tiny bit see-through which means the final result will also depend on the natural colour of your own nails. If you need a more true-to-bottle shade, you might want to add a third coat of polish.


My very favourite here is Lavender Lush. It managed to scare me a bit, surprise me and then make me fall in love with it. I like that 🙂 I also think that Bloomin’ Bluebells deserves to be mentioned here. It does look like a breath of fresh air (it’s that baby blue shade, I suppose) with chunks of magical colour-shifting leaves tangled in it.


*provided by the brand


  • This is a really nice collection 😀