For the month of March Painted Polish has a collection that celebrates all things sage. There are 5 polishes in the collection which share the same (mostly) colour but in a variety of shades and finishes. They will be available starting March 17th.

Herb Your Enthusiasm


The first shade is described as a creamy sage holo with added crushed gold flakies. The base leans more towards crelly and that makes the application a breeze and allows those flakes pop very well. It took me 2 coats to get it opaque. I added topcoat here because I like my polishes to have a super smooth finish.


Don’t Stop Be-leafing

The next shade is described as a sage crelly base with pink, gold, and green color-shifting flakies. This polish looks very herb-y to me for some reason 🙂 The formula is good here, it takes 2 coats to get it opaque (although I’m not really sure about longer nails). I added topcoat to smooth everything out. The flakies don’t really give much texture to the touch (if at all) but topcoat makes everything look so glossy and help those flakies pop. A lot.


Sage Advice

The next shade is described as a nude holographic microglitter mix in a sage crelly base. This polish looks a bit warmer to me than the previous two. Maybe it’s those golden sparks that change my perception of the colour or maybe the colour really is a bit warmer. I can’t really tell but the shade is really pretty for sure. I did 2 coats here but I can definitely see that some people might need 3 (especially with longer nails or if a fan of very thin coats). Since it’s glitter we’re talking about here, this polish needs topcoat to look completely smooth and shiny. The removal takes a bit longer than with the rest of the shades from this release.


You Grow Girl

This polish is described as a sage crelly base with orange and pink holographic glitters. I was super excited about this one! I love glitter crellies and this one has colours that I like a lot. I did 2 coats with it and I wish the contrast was more striking between the base colour and the glitters. I did a thicker (like, really thicker) second coat and maybe that was the problem — usually there’s a way to «bring the glitters to life» by doing a very thin last coat of polish, that way the base is really sheer and that allows the glitters stay visible and popping. Shown with topcoat (gel-like one, like Essie Gel Setter) because those glitters dry textured.


Stamped in Sage

The last polish from this collection is described as a one-coat sage creme that doubles as a stamping polish opaque over black and white. Painted Polish does wonderful cremes and they are indeed one coaters AND they apply amazing at the same time (sometimes generously pigmented cremes have such a shitty formula that I can’t stop marveling at how easy these ones are to apply). It covers in 1 coat but I did 2 and let me tell you why — my nails have ridges, a lot of swatching and using nail polish remover does it to them, so I would really like to get away with one coat because the opacity is certainly there, but hey, I want everything to look super smooth too! Especially with cremes which can easily reveal all those dents and stuff. So I ended up with 2 coats + topcoat.


I like the sense of calm this collection gives, that soft sage colour in its different variations looks so lovely! My favourite here is probably the creme shade, closely followed by the one with gold flakes, Herb Your Enthusiasm, because I love how pretty sage green and gold look together in that polish.


St. Paddy’s duo

Painted Polish also released their St. Paddy’s duo in February. Since I haven’t shown it here before, I’m going to do it in this post — basically, shower you with green polishes hehe 🙂 The polishes are already available.

Shake Your Shamrocks

This shade is described as a creamy olive holo with a scattering of silver ultra holographic glitters for that extra sparkle. I like this one a lot — it’s a shade of green I personally like to wear. I love that it has Painted Polish’s ultra holo finish — that sparkle is so great! It takes 2 coats to get it opaque + I added topcoat.


Top o’ the Rainbow

This polish is described as a clear base with a rainbow of color-shifting flakies. It can be used as a topper in one coat or built up for a more opaque look! I decided to show you how you can wear this polish on its own if you want. If you’re interested to see how it looks as a topper over different colours, check the brand’s instagram page — there are many swatches of this shade used as a topper. For my pictures I used a sponge to create a gradient with this polish. You’ll want to wait for a minute or 2 between your coats, that way the sponge won’t ruin what you’ve already applied. Shown with topcoat here.


As much as I like the topper because of how versatile a polish it can be, I’m still going to stick with Shake Your Shamrocks because the green lover in me demand it 🙂


*provided by the brand





  • These are really nice! And loving the topper 😀