On Jan 31st Painted Polish released some new beauties that I want to show you today. At first I thought to put them all in one post but then I looked at the Mad Romance collection and it just had to have its own space here 🙂

I’ll show another four polishes in a separate post very soon but for now let’s have a look at these four gorgeous shades.

The Mad Romance Revisited quartet features three stunning holos and a coordinating stamping creme that can easily be worn on its own.

Red Rose Revelry

This shade is described as a true red ultra holo with a scattering of holographic glitters for that extra sparkle. I say it’s a maddeningly fabulous red. It’s has that velvety type of holo that makes your nails look so chic and sophisticated.

It has a slight (please pay attention to «slight») berry tone which makes it a cooler red shade. If you want to make it a bit warmer, add topcoat. I used Essie Gel Setter and it worked wonders for that purpose.

The best thing was that I was able to apply it in one coat and enjoy a lighter shade of red but when I decided to add a second coat it got deeper and more vampy so in the end this polish is two different polishes in one. I really like it when I can get a different result depending on the number of coats I’m wearing so I’m super happy here.

Courting Cupid

Cupid is described as a vampy garnet holo with a scattering of holographic glitters for that extra sparkle. It’s another beautiful shade with the same velvel holo that Red Rose Revelry has. This one is more on the sultry side. Drop dead gorgeous is the phrase I would use here 🙂

I did two thin coats here because my first was too thin to be left on its own but it can easily be worn in one thicker coat (which I did on my other hand hehe). Again, it gets a little bit warmer when worn with topcoat on. I can’t say that you will get this result with every topcoat on the market but my fave topcoats did exactly that.

Mad For Merlot

The polish is described as a merlot holo with a scattering of holographic glitters for that extra sparkle! I say hello there beautiful wine! It has a grape tone to it so it’s differs from the other two shades by being more on the purple side. I think I can also detect some shimmer but I’m not sure if it’s my eyes playing a trick on me.

If you do thicker coats, you can get away with just one. I did two thin ones because I was afraid to load my brush with lots of polish and flood my cuticles 🙂

Stamped In Crimson

This polish is described as a bright red creme that doubles as a stamping polish. It’s a crimson (surprise, huh? 🙂 red which means it’s leaning towards a cooler red.

The main thing here, though, is that it is insanely pigmented, almost to the point of being inappropriately pigmented! 🙂 One coat (bless the beauty, it only takes a standard coat, nothing extraordinary).

Now that we’ve seen all four shades, isn’t that a wonderful collection? 🙂 I love me a good red so whenever I encounter gorgeous reds, I squeak happily. These polishes above are awesome — the shades are beautiful, the pigmentation is more than there and I didn’t experience any staining!

Still, I’m faithfully devoted to picking a favourite even when I’m in love with all the shades from a collection. This time, if under pressure, I would choose Red Rose Revelry as my love of the moment. I admire the colour, the velvety holo and the ability to wear it in one or to coats and this enjoying different results.

*provided by the brand