I still have four shades from January release of Painted Polish and they would like  to be shown very much 🙂 There are two shades released as a duo of polishes and then there are two reformulated versions of previously released polishes that we can now enjoy once more.

Let’s start with the duo first. There’s a pretty holo polish and a highly-anticipated white stamping polish.


2019 is described as a delicate white holo with gray undertones and a scattering of larger silver holographic glitters. I think it is a great polish for The Snow Queen. It’s icy, refreshing and unattainably beautiful with those glimmering lights of holo. There’s also fine very golden shimmer (it wasn’t in the description but I’m sure it’s there in the polish! 🙂

It takes two coats to get the polish opaque and I also used a topcoat to make everything extremely smooth and shiny. It helps to intensify that barely there golden sheen that I can see at certain angles (I’m very sure that my eyes do not deceive me, am I right?)


Blanc Slate

Blanc Slate is described as a one coat white creme that doubles as a stamping polish. Painted Polish makes a lot of stamping polishes and their shades are often to die for (there aren’t that many beautiful shades for stamping polishes really so it’s very refreshing to see unusual and very pretty colours). Their range was missing a staple white polish but thankfully it was released in January.

It does cover easily in one coat and it stamps effortlessly. I don’t think I could ask for more here: the drying time is just what I need, not too slow or too quick, it was easy to pick up with both of the stampers I use (Born Pretty and MoYou) and it is still extremely opaque when stamped!

My photo shows Blanc Slate in one coat on my index and pinky fingers and stamped over black on my middle and ring fingers. The second image is Blanc Slate stamped over Stamped In Crimson that I showed you in my previous Painted Polish post.


Rose Quartz Revival 2.0

Rose Quartz Revival 2.0 features gold, copper, and bronze color-shifting flakies in a light nude-leaning blush base! The 2.0 version does NOT include the additional gold glitters from the original version. I do not have an older version so unfortunately I can not compare them for you.

The new version is amazingly pretty. My pictures show it in two thin coats but it can also be worn in one coat over a tinted base coat. I tried it in one coat over Essie’s Ridgefiller and it looks so ethereal and lovely!

I would recommend a topcoat for this polish to make those flakies pop and smooth everything out. The polish is not textured to the touch but once it dries you can see the flakie texture with your eyes.


Rose Gold Romantic

Rose Gold Romantic is described as a a rose gold holo now with an added glowing copper shimmer and silver holographic glitters! It’s a reimagining of the brand’s sold out ‘Carnivals & Cotton Candy.’ Again, I can not compare the older version to this shade but I can say that I find this shade very alluring! It covers easily in two coats and does not require topcoat, in my opinion.

I must confess that I fall too easily for any rose gold holo and flakie polishes so it’s no surprise I have fallen for this shade too. It will join my collection of «Rose Gold Beauties» that I have built over the months 🙂

It is a great addition to my collection and of course they are all very different (don’t judge, please, I’m sure you have your own «very different» polishes, hehe)

Hmmm…. What should I choose if I like both Rose Gold Revisited shades? Would you notice if I picked the flakie beauty and then secretly snatched the rose gold holo too? Oh my, I just revealed my plan… Okay, let me divert your attention by this quick summary:

The off-white holo is a great winter option and my only sorrow here that it doesn’t go well with my skintone. It’s not awful, yet it’s not the most flattering shade on me. My skin makes the polish shade look just a bit more grey than it actually is.

Blanc Slate is awesome if you like stamping or if you want your creme polish to cover easily in one quick coat.

Rose Gold Revival is a lovely addition to your collection if you are a flakie admirer. I am definitely in love with it.

Rose Gold Romantic. What Romantic? I haven’t seen any romantics here. Oh, the polish… It’s sitting cozily in my rose gold drawer because it belongs there!


*provided by the brand