Painted Polish released their new collection on Dec,13th and today I want to show you the four shades that comprise the collection. This is actually part two of the Holiday Harvest collection and if you’re wondering where the first part is, then I’m going to tell you that it’s coming. Later than the second one, yes. Because I’m weird like that, I even read magazines backwards (thank heavens, I don’t use that method with books though).

The polishes in Holiday Harvest II (*) there are four crellies packed with lots of shifting flakies.

Maples & Moonlight

‘Maples & Moonlight’ features red, gold, copper, and bronze color-shifting flakies in a denim blue crelly base! When the brand says this polish is packed with flakies, they mean it! The base colour is muted and looks just a tad less bright than my swatches show.


Foliage & Flannel

‘Foliage & Flannel’ features red, gold, copper, and bronze color-shifting flakies in a pine green crelly base! That is a beautiful green! Okay, I love greens a lot so there wasn’t even a chance that I wouldn’t like this one. The flakies look amazing against that base. Gorgeous!


Squash & Sleet

‘Squash & Sleet’ features cobalt blue color-shifting flakies in an orange crelly base! The base here is kind of a salmon orange colour and the flakies shift from blue to purple. So pretty!


Blankets & Bonfires

‘Blankets & Bonfires’ features red, gold, copper, and bronze color-shifting flakies in an iris purple crelly base! Iris purple sounds amazing, right? Again, the colour is muted and soft, just like a cozy wrap. Just the right thing for a colder season.

These little beauties over there remind me of a soft and cozy wrap. Muted shades, glowing flakes that look like embers in a fireplace. I think I just need a cup of hot cocoa and a comforting Christmas song to make the day lovely.

My favourite here would be the green beauty. I haven’t worn a nice green in a while and now I realise that I miss greens so much that I just love Foliage & Flannel.


*provided by the brand