I am finally ready to post my second post about the Holiday Harvest collection by Painted Polish. These were actually released earlier than the four shades I showed you in my previous post. It’s kind of confusing when I put it that way but the main thing is that all these polishes from the collection are so pretty and festive that I can continue admiring them in any order 🙂


Rakes & Raincoats

I was really excited about this blue. I mean, it’s blue, I’m always excited about a blue polish 🙂 I needed two coats for full coverage with a thicker second coat. Somehow I thought this would be extremely pigmented but it turned out more airy and that allows the sparkle to go crazy. It also needs a thicker topcoat to be glossy and smooth because of those glitters.




Slippers & Sweaters

Let me just say that I find this shade of purple extremely cozy somehow 🙂 It’s an awesome grape jelly with lots of sparkle. It’s more saturated than the previous one so I did two thin coats this time.


Woodsy & Wondrous

This is Christmas in a bottle — seriously, just look at it! If I took out my contact lenses and look at my Christmas tree, I would mistake it for this polish. Beautiful! This one is very saturated and it can cover in one thicker coat. I love green shades and I certainly love this one!


Pies & Patches

I was thinking of it only as an autumnal shade before I actually tried it. It looks amazing during winter holidays too! It makes me think of enjoying a nice evening at a ski lodge with a cup of hot pear cider after spending the day snowboarding. Maybe it’s just my holiday plans talking but now this shade is definitely going with me 🙂


At first I thought I would definitely go for the green one as my favourite but now I’m torn between that and the orange beauty. They are both too gorgeous and I’m still a Libra and that’s make it impossible to pick a favourite 🙂 Maybe I should just paint my left hand green, my right hand orange and be happy?


*provided by the brand