Painted Polish has a beautiful collection for November and it’s going to be hard to choose because there are many shades here in different finishes and the colours are just to pretty that all I want to say is «gimme everything».

The collections is called Desert Dreamscape and it features flakie crellies, cremes, microglitters and more in nine earthy shades. Let’s see what we have this time!


Granite Grotto

The first shade here is described as a slate crelly base with subtle army green undertones with red, gold, copper and cobalt blue color-shifting flakies. I haven’t been that happy with this type of flakie polish in a long time. I love the combo of colours here, the way every colour compliments all the others, the amount and the size of flakies we got here and I also love how well they stand out without having to do anything to make them pop. It’s quite thick so it’s possible to get away with one single coat if you have shorter nails. This is exactly what I did — one coat + topcoat for extra shine.


Olive Oasis

The next shade is described as an olive crelly base with a nude microglitter mix. I fell in love with this one the minute I applied it. Such a beautiful muted green with those golden sparks here and there. What’s not to love? Since there’s glitter in it, it will dry textured and it will be more difficult to remove than a standard holo. I added topcoat for my middle and ring fingers but I left my index and pinkie topcoat-less to show you the difference.


Stamped in Cacti

The last shade of the olive/khaki part of the collection is this laurel green creme here. It is very (VERY!) pigmented and can be used in one coat. These types of colours are what I’m mostly drawn to this autumn, so I ended up wearing this one after I finished swatching the collection. Such a good shade!


Sandstone Sanctuary

The sand-coloured part of the family starts with this khaki crelly base with red, gold and copper color-shifting flakies. I just made this confusing, didn’t I? Or maybe I’m the only one confused. Khaki is more on the green side for me but a quick search told me that I’m in the wrong here. So what I call sand is not really sand, it is the real khaki 🙂 Anyway, the polish has a great formula and applies nicely in two thin coats. I added topcoat here because I like my flakies to look very glossy.


Desert Dreamscape

The namesake of the collection is described as a creamy camel scattered holo with added silver holographic glitters. This one is absolutely beautiful too! I love it when Lexi has a holo with extra glitters in there, they always look fantastic. I did two thin coats here + topcoat.


Stamped in Limestone

This polish is described as simple as a khaki creme and that’s about it! It can be worn as a one coat creme or it can also be used as a stamping polish. I got a thicker brush here so I ended up using two coats but with a skinnier brush I think this shade could really be applied in one easy coat. Shown here with topcoat.



Red Rock Retreat

The last part has arrived and it’s gorgeous! Those reddish brown shades are so alluring to me right now! This polish is described as a baked terracotta crelly base with red, gold and copper color-shifting flakies. I’m so proud of that big flakie I got here. Usually it’s my thumb that gets that lucky but this time it’s my ring finger! I did two thin coats here and added topcoat for my middle and ring fingers only to show you the difference it makes. Hopefully you can see it 🙂


Dancing Dunes

This polish is described as a burnt cinnamon jelly base with nude microglitter mix. Isn’t that description enough to convince you how gorgeous this polish is? I love me a good description and when it really matches the beauty of a polish, it’s a win win situation. O live this one during the autumn but I can definitely picture this in December, I think it will look amazing at that time too.


Stamped in Sedona

Finally, we have a matching creme polish to go with the holo and flakie versions. This is described as a rosy milk chocolate creme. Rosy. Chocolate. I mean… I love it already! I appreciate the fact that the brand has creme shades and we often get more and more trendy colours because I love a good creme — it works so well after all the glitters, and shimmers, and multichromes. This came right when it was most needed, I look at the pictures now and want to wear it again. Preferably for a week.


Soooo… What should I choose? I’ll take all the greens, please, that’s non-negotiable. They are too gorgeous to pass. Plus that burnt cinnamon beauty, Dancing Dunes, such a sophisticated colour! Too many polishes as faves for one collection? Blame Painted Polish, not me 🙂


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  • Nice set, the glittery ones are cool 😀