This autumn Painted Polish is releasing a new collection that is inspired by the colorful world of our feathered friends. There are five shades in the collection and they are all amazing colours for transitioning from summer to autumn. They look wonderful next to each other and each of them is so pretty on the nails! The collection will be available starting September 12 and there are also going to be two mystery crelly polishes. They feature the same glitter mix, but in different bases giving them very different looks!

Perfectly Plumed

The first shade in the collection is described as a plum ultra holo with jewel-toned color-shifting flakies and galaxy holo glitters. It’s a jelly that applies very evenly and lets the magic of flakies and glitters shine through. The flakes shift their colours from turquiose to blue and fuchsia and they look so much more amazing in real life than in the pictures! I did two coats of polish + added topcoat to make the flakies and glitters pop.

Fluff My Feathers

The next shade is said to be a white crelly base with purple, turquoise, and jade color-shifting flakies. Oh that’s another of those pretty flakie crellies that Painted Polish does so well. This time it’s a very beautiful colour combo — I love how those flakie colours stand out against the white base. I did two coats + topcoat, my first coat was somewhat thicker and the second one was a really thin one to let the flakies shine.

Pretty As A Peacock

This one is described as a clear base with purple, turquoise, green, and gold color-shifting flakies. Basically it’s a similar concept with the previous polish minus the white base. It can be used as a topper or as a full mani (sponging it over your nails will make it easier probably). I mostly use this type of polishes as a topper or as a gradient over my bare nails as my swatches show. I applied my first coat with the brush and then I used a sponge to apply the polish on the tips of my nails.

Toucan Tango

This polish is described as a bright turquoise ultra holographic full coverage microglitter. This colour doesn’t really photographs well, it looks much more vibrant in real life. We’ve already seen some microglitter polishes from the brand before and they were amazing; well, these are no exception! They shine and sparkle and are oh so ready to party (even if you are not haha). I did three coats + topcoat (something thicker, please). I bet they are not very easy to remove so I would recommend a peel-off base coat.

Party Fowl

The last shade from the collection is a bright violet ultra holographic full coverage microglitter. It’s the same type of polish as the green one we’ve just talked about but in an awesome purple colour this time! I would say that it looks a bit lighter in daylight than it does in my swatch pictures. If you’re in the mood for something veeeeery sparkly, then take a closer look at this one. Three coats + topcoat.

Okay, I love those two microglitters (I’m still not over the brand’s blue one so of course I love the new ones) but then there’s this beautiful plum jelly with flakes and glitters so in the end I just eeny, meeny, miny, moed it and the winner this time is Toucan Tango! That green beauty can do no wrong, can’t it?

*provided by the brand