Planning a seaside vacation? Painted Polish has got you covered when it comes to what shades to paint your nails with! There are nine polishes in total and there are also two toppers to accompany the collection but we’ll talk about them a bit later (aka below). We have three creme polishes which double as stamping polishes, three flakie shades and three microglitter holos.

Keeping It Krill

This polish as described as an azure blue crelly base with fuchsia, copper, and gold color-shifting flakies. It has a lovely consistency, it applies thin but covers easily in two coats. I added a coat of topcoat and was happy to see that it didn’t dull the flakes in any way. The polish is not difficult to remove which is also great.


Mermaid Masquerade

It is described as a teal crelly base with a rainbow of color-shifting flakies. It applies the same way as the previous one — two thin coats and no fuss. My pictures show this polish with a coat of topcoat.


Your Seashells Are Showing

This polish is described as an alabaster nude crelly base with pink, copper, and green color-shifting flakies. This one is so ethereal! It is a thin crelly, it has an almost jelly-ish feel to it which makes the flakies stand out really well. It still covered in two thin coats for me though.


Yacht To Be Cruisin’

This one is an azure blue base with a nude holo microglitter mix. Oh the colour of it! It is a seaside blue and it whispers about cruising! The microglitter here will make the polish textured so I recommend a topcoat with this polish. It will also be a bit more difficult to remove but I’m ready to forgive that because that shade of blue is amazing! Two coats here + topcoat.


Seaside Soirée

The next shade is a light teal base with a nude holo microglitter mix. This one is gorgeous too if you love teal shades. Again, this one benefits from using a topcoat and it will be a bit more difficult to remove because of the microglitter. But the colour, oh the colour is just great! Two coats + topcoat.


Beachy Keen

This shade is described as an alabaster nude base with a nude holo microglitter mix. Judging by the macro pic I took, I can tell that there are also some golden specks which I actually like because they remind me of sand. I don’t know if it’s those microglitters doing the trick or there are indeed additional golden particles but it looks great. It dries textured so you’ll need topcoat for this polish. The removal process will be slightly more difficult here. My pictures show two coats of polish + topcoat.


Stamped In Saltwater

This is a one-coat azure blue creme that doubles as a stamping polish. My picture shows exactly one coat of polish and nothing more. I didn’t even apply topcoat here simply because I didn’t have enough time 🙂 You can see the way it stamps in the photo below.


Stamped In Scales

This one is a one-coat medium teal creme that doubles as a stamping polish. This time my picture shows one coat of polish + topcoat. This is exactly how I wore it and was very happy with my nails that day. See the picture below to check how it stamps.


Stamped In Sand

The last creme polish of this collection is one-coat alabaster creme that doubles as a stamping polish. I did one coat for my pictures and it was perfectly opaque. I didn’t add topcoat here so this is just the polish on its own. I forgot to stamp with it (very clever, I know) but judging by the pigmentation of it, there won’t be any problem with opacity.


Treasure Toppers

Now I want to show you two more polishes that accompany the At Sea collection. Painted Polish is also releases two new shades called Treasure Toppers which were inspired by sparkly sunken treasure. I applied them both in one coat and didn’t add any topcoat. They are not gritty so I don’t think they will be difficult to remove.


Gilded is described as a a clear base with sparkling gold flakies. Gold flakies are very popular right now and for a reason! They look amazing over so many different colours! I applied mine over Stamped In Scales.


Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust is described as a clear base with diamond holographic micro flakies. The brand says it can be used in one coat to add a little sparkle or layered to make your nails really shine. I tried it as a topper here and applied it over Stamped In Saltwater.


Soooo… We have 11 polishes in total and this time I can say that it was very easy for me to pick favourites! Yay! I love the microglitter polishes that Painted Polish creates so I’ll go with Yacht To Be Cruisin’ and Seaside Soiree as my picks. They are amazing colours and those glitters shine wonderfully so what’s not to love? The removal — well, I’ll just use a peel-off base coat if I’m lazy and it’ll do the job.


*provided by the brand