Painted Polish is celebrating their 6th anniversary with a new trio of polishes that I want to show you today. They are all coral polishes but each of them has a different finish! Since it’s also the 4th of July today I want to show you a duo of polishes that Painted Polish is celebrating that day with! Hint — it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Let’s see them up close, shall we?


Stamped In Living Coral 

This polish is described as a one-coat, almost neon coral creme that doubles as a stamping polish. I see it more of a warm pink shade with hints of coral but I think coral polishes are ones that people can have heated discussions about when it comes to «does it lean more pink or more coral or even more orange?» 🙂

It does cover in one coat if you’re careful enough because it’s quite thick and generally not the easiest polish to work with. I usually don’t have any problems with Painted Polish cremes since they are both super pigmented and have great consistency but this particular shade could be a tad thinner. It stamped beautifully, though, so if that’s what you’re looking for in a polish, look no more, it’s got it!


Coral Cove

The next shade is described as a coral holo crelly base with cobalt blue color-shifting flakies and silver holographic glitters. I call this one a strawberry colour but this might be the flakies that make me see this shade differently.

It looks fabulous in one coat. The colour looks warmer and a bit lighter because there are less flakies that way. I did try two coats on my thumb but I prefer wearing it in one, it looks fantastic that way!


Here’s To 6 Years!

Finally we have a third polish here which is described as a vibrant coral ultra holo with added silver holographic glitters for that extra sparkle. There’s not much to say except that Lexi creates beautiful holo shades and this one is no exception!

I did one coat for my pictures.


Now to the Stars and Stripes duo which contains two holographic full coverage microglitters in a clear base. Both of them apply smoothly and easily, they are completely opaque in 2 thicker or 3 thinner coats. They do dry textured because of the microglitters so I would recommend a thicker (gel-like) topcoat for a glossy finish. They will be more difficult to remove since they are not cremes or polishes with fine shimmer so I opted for a peel-off base coat underneath to help me with the removal process.

Seeing Stars

This polish is described as an ultra holographic cobalt blue full coverage microglitter. The colour is phenomenal here, it’s so beautiful and eye-catching that I want to bathe in it and not pay attention to anything else. I take all my pictures in artificial light but this time my camera «saw» this shade pretty much the same way as I see it in daylight. It gets darker and more of a beautiful «mysterious» blue when I use my desk lamp.


Seeing Stripes

This polish is described as a sparkly holographic ruby red full coverage microglitter. This one is just divine. This type of red to me is the apple of temptation. It is suave, passionate and very seductive. It’s full glam and classic at the same time and I don’t even know which of the two prevails.


These were some really stunning polishes, weren’t they? I think that both releases are equally beautiful and that these are amazing ways of celebrating both the anniversary and the 4th of July! If you’re wondering what my favourites are, I’d say that Seeing Stars (such a great shade of blue!) and Coral Cove (the contrast between the base and the flakies is perfection!) are my picks this time.

Thank you for reading!

*provided by the brand