Today’s post will be quite long as there are ten polishes in the collection I’m about to show. So grab a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade (I think I’m going to have just ice as it’s too hot here these days 🙂
Moo Moo’s Signatures has just released new shades for their Shimmer Paradise series and they were available for pre-order on their website (click here) from June 25th till July 2nd. If there are any outpours left, they will be available to purchase later too.

Without further ado let’s get into the swatches!

Frog Princess

Let’s start with this mint beauty right over here. This is a lovely mint green with color shifting shimmer from green/gold to copper. This is more on the pastel side and I was worried about the application since pastels are notorious for being difficult to work with. Frog Princess behaves like a true princess — well-mannered and the result if breath-taking!

The shimmer adds up to the beauty of the polish. It shifts at certain angles and when it turns to golden copper, I’m smitten.


Fairy Dust

Can we please continue with some more delicate shades? I’ve been very into them lately 🙂

This is Fairy Dust and I like it very much which is surprising it inself as I don’t usually fall for pastel pinks. The green shimmer looks wonderful against pale pink — I love the combination of colours a lot. It applies nicely but does take three coats to be opaque. I don’t mind that because the coats dry quickly.


Camel Bride

This polish caught my attention first when I saw its name. I somehow find it so funny and cool 🙂

Anyway, the polish is described as a muted peach with turquoise shimmer. It’s a peach mixed with some terracotta in my opinion. It is opaque in two easy coats and that shimmer stands out so pretty againt the base.


Fox Fairy

This is a shade that surprised me! I didn’t think much of it but the moment I applied it I realised I was going to fall in love. It is a sophisticated nude that gets warmer and more rosy due to the shimmer added. The shimmer is very fine so the effect is not of a shimmering thing happening there but of something delicately glowing.

I would recommend three thin coats for this shade. I tried doing two on a ridgefiller but wasn’t happy the polish and the base went together so next time I’ll stick to the regular clear base and three coats of polish.


Far Far Away

Next up we have a khaki green with purple shimmer. It is described as a dusty green which is probably the same thing as khaki 🙂

This one is a great option for autumn in my opinion. The formula is wonderful here — it glides easily and dries fast.



Nirvana is simply stunning. It is described as a dusty periwinkle with green shimmer and the shade will depend very much on the lighting and your skintone. It leans more blue on me sometimes and I can also see it being very much lavender purple at times.


Egyptian Zombie

Let’s see what we got for darker shades. Here’s Mr Zombie who likes playing colour tricks — it looks lighter in the bottle than what you’ll get on the nails. It’s beautiful anyway, it’s just something you need to know, I think.


Immortal Volturi

This one is very bright, rich and eye-catching. It’s a fiery red with red shimmer in it. It also has a small amount of gold pigment in it which isn’t very obvious on the nails but makes the shade look a little warmer.



This is a lush orchid purple that looks fabulous on the nails. The shimmer here is so awesome and looks so good against the purple. What’s not to love?


Arabian Nights

Last but not least is this blue polish with an amazing name. The name is perfect — I start thinking about Alladdin and the flying carpet at once!

It is described as a dusty blue with strong red to copper shimmer. It looks a little lighter in the bottle that it does on the nails but still it is always blue no matter what type of light it is.

It’s this time of the post again when I try to narrow a collection down to some favourites. Which is always hard, btw, as I am horrible at picking just one of two things out of many that are presented.

Still, if I needed to choose only three shades. I would go for Nirvana, Frog Princess and Fox Fairy. Nirvana has a unique base colour which gets more blue or lavender purple and I really love that. Frog Princess is such a stunner for summer — it looks gorgeous now that I’m not pale anymore. Fox Fairy is just so sophisticated that it slid into the fave folder instantly.

Which shade did you like the most?

*provided by the brand