We’re starting this week with a couple of bright shades! Moo Moo’s Signatures, a Singapore-based brand, releases some new shades on April 17th and I want to show you two of them today.

The two new polishes (*) were inspired by two famous superheroes — The Hulk and Spiderman (I’m sure you can easily guess which superhero inspired which shade haha). Okay, without further ado let’s have a look at the swatches now!

The Incredible Smash

The first one I want to show you is the one inspired by Hulk. The brand describes the shade as a bright green with violet to red shimmer. Let me tell you that this beautiful shimmer was quite a challenge to capture — it looked blue when photographed in artificial light and turned pale pink in my photos when I tried photographing it under natural lighting. The best option was to shoot it in bright direct sunlight — or maybe the shimmer thought «Okay, this one’s not gonna give up, I’d better yield now» 😀

It is thin in texture and more on the sheer side (I can’t be more thankful for this type of texture!) so I needed three thin coats to get it fully opaque. They dry fast so the painting process didn’t take me a lot of time.

As to the shade of green itself — it’s not neon but it’s bright. It is a great choice for summer because the shimmer is gorgeous in the sunlight, the shade becomes more vibrant and the overall effect is cooling and refreshing which is always good in summer. The polish also reminds me of Skittles (those that are in green packaging) and mohitos 🙂


After A Bite From Radioactive Spider

The second shade is inspired by Spiderman. The brand describes this polish as a dark blue with red shimmer and tiny blue flakies. The name of it is so on point! I pay a lot of attention to polish names so this one immediately caught my attention. I imagine anyone bitten by a radioactive spider to have their blood turned the colour of this polish if 🙂

This polish is fully opaque in two coats. The texture is great here again — if you like your polishes to be thinner in texture and apply easily without running to the sides of the nails, you’ll like this one.

The base is slightly on the teal side (it is still very much blue but with teal undertone) but the red shimmer makes everything look less teal. I would also suggest using a top coat as it makes the shimmer and the flakes stand out more. It is another good option for someone like me who enjoys dark polishes all year long — the sun in summer will bring everything there is to look at in this polish which makes this Spiderman-inspired shade very appropriate for warm seasons!


I couldn’t choose only one of them today — as much as I love anything blue, the green one is calling my name too! They are both very flattering so I’m going to say that both of them are gorgeous 🙂

*provided by the brand