Today I want to show you the new release from Moo Moo’s Signatures. This new collection (*) has 5 polishes, each with lots of beautiful iridescent flakies in them. The shades will be available for pre-order from Aug 12th till Aug 17th on the brand’s website.

This will be the last release this year for the brand and then their shop will remain inactive for couple of months. The exact date of closing will be announced later by Mei Mei, the brand owner, herself. So please check the brand’s instagram (here) for updates.

Let’s see the swatches, shall we?


The Last Winter Bird

Can I please start with the shade that was inspired by the picture I submitted to the brand’s Facebook group? I really like birds and even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them so I was so happy when Mei Mei told me that the picture was going to be made into polish!

It is described as a pastel grey with purple to green iridescent flakies,holo flakes and tiny red flakies. I used three thin coats for my pictures. Everything dried quickly but I used a topcoat afterwards to make everything smooth. The flakies don’t stick out but there is some texture that often accompanies flakie polishes so I would recommend a topcoat for each polish mentioned here.

Please note that these flakies are more visible in real life. I take my pictures with artificial light mainly and that makes the flakies look less noticeable in photos. I will add one daylight picture to show the difference.


Fancy Dandelion

The next shade is a gorgeous pastel purple with holo flakes, purple to green iridescent flakies and aurora shimmer. I’ve been loving these lilac/lavender type of shades this summer so I am going to admit right away that I adore it simply for the base colour itself.

This shade needs three thin coats too and top coat is recommended here.


Bear Park

The next shade is very unusual in terms of colour even for me. It is described as a brown base with gold holo dust, green to blue and purple to green iridescent flakies. It is a brown base with a hint of green in it and let me tell you — my skintone says no to this type of relationship. The polish and my hands do not compliment each other. I would be very interested to see how it looked on somebody with olive skin though.

I did three coats for my pictures but it can be applied in two — but three thin ones are easier and it doesn’t really take longer because these polishes dry quickly. Top coat is recommended.



Now let’s talk about the darker shade we get here. I love dark polishes so I was super excited and it’s purple which is also great! Sign me up for sure 🙂

If you have Orchid Twilight by Moo Moo’s Signatures, then you will probably love this one too. I would say that it’a a very fancy sister to that polish. It is described as a dark grape base with multichrome green to purple pigment, purple to green iridescent flakies and holo flakes. Good, right? Wait, it gets even better — that green shifts to the most beautiful magebta berry, it looks so gorgeous I can’t even describe.

It could be applied in two coats but three give more depth and saturation so I’m going to stick to three thin ones 🙂 And top coat.


Sweet Demon

We have candy saved as a treat 🙂 Look at that! It’s ah-ma-zing! Bright lollipop? Delicious syrup? Everything at once and better! Bright in-your-face summer neon pink. Yum.

It is described as a bright pink with green to blue iridescent flakies, gold holo dust, tiny red and green flakies. Vivid, cheerful and happy — these three words sum this polish up perfectly.

Three thin coats and that squishy prettiness is ready to give you awesome summer vibes.


This collection is very much to my taste so it’s impossible to pick only one or two as faves and be done. That’s why we’re cheating today. I am going to pick Sweet Demon and Fancy Dandelion and enjoy them for the rest of the summer (and probably some days in September, too) and then I will be back to swap them for Supermoova and The Last Winter Bird to wear in autumn. Screw it, I might even try Bear Park in November to give it another chance, maybe my skin will be more forgiving that time, although I wouldn’t be so sure as it is as stubborn as I am 🙂

Which shade is your favourite this time?


*provided by the brand