This September Moo Moo’s Signatures releases three new polishes (*)  that I want to show you today. They will be available starting September, 1st at the brand’s website.

Each new shade is a multichrome polish with something extra added to it. I love deeper shades for autumn and I prefer wearing multichromes during later autumn and winter months so I am really excited that we got these newbies right for the season.

Shapeshifting Spell

The first shade we have is a teal blue holo with aurora shimmer, multichrome pigment that shifts from purple to copper to green. It is opaque in two coats.

Teal is always good in my book so I’m glad we have a teal blue in this trio. It shifts easily under any light but every time there’s some sun that gracefully touches the polish, its holo lights start gleaming beautifully.



The next shade we have is a plum base with metallic red flakes, blue to purple tiny flakies and multichrome pigment that shifts from blue to purple to copper. It is opaque in two coats and I would recommend a top coat here.

Those small red flakes here are gorgeous. They are like flickering lights in the dark. The remind me of embers sometimes, or of random lights you see through the heavy rain that dims the vision, or of dots in the sky from the planes that we see sometimes far above our heads.

I got distracted, sorry. Did I say it shifts beautifully? Well, it does. I love it when there’s a multichrome that shifts from purplish blue to deep raspberry and finishes with warm reddish copper. Geisha does exactly that.



The third shade is a black base with green to purple shimmer, gold flakies, tiny purple flakies and holo flakes. It is opaque in two coats and it will benefit from a topcoat.

It’s so dark and mysterious that I think its name suits it perfectly. To me it also reminds of dark waters from some tales, the waters that you look into long enough and then there’s more than just water that you see. This is what this polish is about. At first you’re lured by that nice shifting shimmer and then you start looking deeper and there’s gold flakes that are just spell-bounding. There’s also some holo so you won’t be afraid of the dark.


This trio may be small in number of shades presented but it’s a might trio for sure. I must admit though that I wasn’t thrilled at first — they arrived when it was inappropriately hot and I was unable to appreciate anything this dark and this multichrome-y when it’s +35 C outside. Now that the weather has cooled down significally (heavens bless +22 C), I am truly happy to see deeper shades that have shifting properties to them.

As to my favourites — I don’t know what to choose this time as it feels like choosing two shades would be too extra considering we only have three 🙂 Nevertheless Shapeshifting Spell and Geisha are both seriously fabulous so I’ll leave you at that.

Thank you for reading!


*provided by the brand