This August Moo Moo’s Signatures has three new shades to offer and they are inspired by Ancient Egypt. They will be available on the brand’s website starting August 8th at 10 pm SGT. Click here to browse the website.

All three newbies are flakie polishes with a crelly texture and I needed three coats for each polish to reach full opacity (well, one is meant to be a bit sheer so..) I also recommend a thicker type of topcoat with these shades (something gel-like will do) to smooth everything out and make those flakies pop. Okay, let me show you the pictures and we’ll go from there.

Ancient Pyramid

The first polish is a soft peach shade with a hint of caramel that has iridescent flakes, tiny silver holo flakes and pink shimmers in it. The colour looked nice against my skin tone and I really didn’t expect that! Most peach polishes make me look like I’m a boiled lobster 🙂


The second polish is a white crelly base with an array of iridescent flakes and sprinkles of purple shimmer. This one was a bit tricky to apply. The first coat was very patchy and uneven so I was actually expecting a disaster. The second coat made everything better but there was some unevenness still so I added a third one. The brand says that the polish is meant to be sheer so I left it at three coats. It looks airy and fresh with occasional flash of iridescence here and there from the flakes. The shimmer adds a nice touch when it’s sunny and you can spot it bathing in light.

Surrender Your Soul

The third polish is a purple crelly with iridescent flakes and smaller silver holo flakies in it. I think there’s also some kind of shimmer added but it’s so fine that I can’t really tell what colour it is (and if there’s shimmer at all, maybe my eyes are deceiving me). The flakies here stand out so well thanks to that darker base colour. Looks absolutely amazing!

I really like the choice of colours for this trio. The peach looked good against my skintone which was unexpectedly nice. The white polish is pretty to me simply because I adore white shades and if they are sprinkled with something glowy or iridescent, I’ll be cheering and dancing a happy) l))) dance. The purple, ah that dear gorgeous colour! It was easier when I wasn’t that much into purples, seriously! Mei Mei has released several beautiful purples and this one fits in wonderfully.

I think I’m going to go with Surrender Your Soul this time, although I’m tempted to choose Afterlife 🙂

*provided by the brand

  • I love how Ancient Pyramid looks on you! That might be my favorite, which is surprising. I am wary of peach tones too, they can be really good but also really, really bad!