Moo Moo’s Signatures released several new shimmer shades this October and this is what we’re going to have a look at today. The release includes four polishes with shifting shimmer it each.

Have You Ever Loved A Mushroom

The first shade is described as a light taupe with blue to purple to magenta shimmer and aurora green to pink and aurora blue shimmer. It pulls more lilac on my nails — maybe it’s my skintone doing that or maybe it’s the shimmer responsible, I don’t really know but I like the result. I did three thin coats and didn’t add any topcoat.


Crocodile From The Future

This one is said to be a green base with orange to gold to green chameleon shimmer. I see it as an apple green shade with a very flattering type of shimmer there. I did three coats here.


Once In A Blue Moon

This one is described as a blue base with green to purple shimmer.  I love the polish with its shiftiness and charm but sadly blues with green shimmer look weird on me. If you have more luck with these shades, then you’ll only need to coats with this one to look wonderful.


Fantasy Firebreather

The last shade from this release is a purple base with orange to gold to green chameleon shimmer. It’s a very warm kind of purple, I would even say it’s a red violet type of shade. It gets even warmer on the nails because of the shimmer. I did two coats with this polish but you might need three for longer nails.


I really liked the green shade, it’s such a happy apple green that I can’t help but feel a little more cheerful whenever I look at it. I also like the blue one but sadly it doesn’t look as good on me as it potentially could on others.


*provided by the brand