Moo Moo’s Signatures has their release planned for September 9 so let’s see what shades are going to be available in a couple of days. There will be more shades to choose from which are exclusives or special edition. If you’re interested to see them too, please visit the brand’s website for more information and swatches.

Shadow of Cleopatra

The first polish I want to show you is a dusty blue grey with gold to green duochrome shimmer. I was surprised to see the word «blue» in the description because I don’t see any blue tones on me but maybe it is just there as an indication that this polish doesn’t lean taupe as some greys do. It can be a bit streaky so the best approach for me is to do thin coats without loading the brush with the polish. I did two coats for my pictures.

Sunrise On Mars

The second shade is a flaming orange holo with silver shimmer, green to red tiny flakes and orange to gold shimmer. It covers easily in two coats for me but I can see where it potentially might need three coats if you have loner nails. It is a very autumn-appropriate shade and I’m so ready for those type of colours that I find this polish to be very pretty 🙂

A Different Molly

The next shade is described as a light grey holo with rose pink tiny flakes, black tiny flakes, silver flakes and holo flakes. This polish is a revamped version of Molly Moo which isn’t available anymore. I’ll take a speckled polish every day of the year so of course I’m in love with this one. This shade is sprinkled with some pink flakes which look absolutely adorable. They are just glimpses of pink and I really appreciate that, I love those little details in my polishes. I did two coats for my nails except my middle finger — I had to use three coats there.


This one is described as a silver holo with sterling silver shimmer and lots of tiny flakies in gold, green, blue, purple and pink. This is a revamped version of the previously released Diamond which isn’t available anymore. I haven’t tried the old version but the new one applies well and only took two coats to get opaque.

There is also a duo that will be available to purchase which consists of a beautiful topper and an undie crelly polish to use as a base. Both shades can be worn alone but I find them to be absolutely wonderful as a combo.

24K Moolentine

This is described as a clear base with 24K gold leaf, lots of iridescent orange to green to blue flakes and gold holo dust. There has been so many toppers on the market that it is very exciting to get something unique 🙂 It looks amazing over the accompanying pink polish and it looks very full glam in three coats on its own (see a close up pic below).

Sinful Pink

This one is described as a pastel pink. Simple as that 🙂 It has a crelly texture and looks very lovely on the nail. It took me three coats to get it decently opaque (you can still see my nail line but with crellies and jellies I don’t mind that at all). If your nail line isn’t that contrasting, you might get away with two coats. The first coat was quite patchy so if you want to do two, I’d suggest one thin coat and then a thicker second coat.

I’m going to pick that amazing topper as my favourite because Moo Moo’s Signatures managed to create a topper that is unique (at least to my collection it is) and it looks great over a variety of different polishes. It is also lovely on its own so if you’re in the mood for something ethereal and pretty, one coat over bare nails would look very lovely.

*provided by the brand