Moo Moo’s Signatures has a big release up their November’s sleeve! Nine shades are joining the adorable Moo Moo family so that’s what we’re talking about today! The collection features seven shimmer shades and two very pretty flakie crellies. Shall I start with those two, m?

The Legend of Silver Hoof

The first flakie we have is described as a dusty blue with blue to purple to pink shimmer, blue to purple to pink tiny flakies, bronze to gold ultra chameleon chrome flakes and holo flakes. I love that it has smaller flakes — they compliment the base colour insted of making it muddy. There’s that blue glow too from the shimmer that makes the polish looks ethereal. Gorgeous! I did two coats + added topcoat.


Moon Village

The second flakie is described as a light yellow crelly with gold shimmer, gold flakes and sterling silver shimmer. It’s a cool-leaning yellow which gets warmed up by the shifts from the flakes and the shimmer in it. I did two coats over a ridgefilling base. If using a clear base coat, I think it’ll take three coats to get opaque.


Magical Candy Floss

Now to the shimmer shades! First we have a colour that is so not me that I don’t even know what to say 🙂 It is described as a dusty watermelon pink with gold to green to blue chameleon shimmer. I never wear polishes like that and every time I get to swatch a so-not-me polish, I think ‘okay maybe this time it’ll work’. It doesn’t. I’ll tell you this, though. It looks absolutely amazing in one coat over bare nails. There’s just a hint of colour and then there’s that glow. The glow is really beautiful. If I didn’t have any free edge, I would wear this polish that way non stop. It takes three coats to get it opaque and this is exactly what I did for my pictures. In three coats it loses part of its pinkness and becomes more of a coral shade with a hint of pink.


Tree Spirit

Now this one I like very much 🙂 This shade is described as a light taupe with magenta to orange to green multichrome shimmer . It’s a great autumn colour and it reminds me of a cozy sweater which makes it easier to put up with that dreary November weather. The shifting shimmer here is a wonderful addition, it’s very fine so it’ll mostly look like a lovely glow on the nails. I did two coats + topcoat.


Isolated Island

The next shade is a medium teal with orange to gold to green chameleon shimmer. This polish has somewhat bigger shimmers that the previous one. They are still small but when I compare them, they do look different in size. The base colour is quite tricky here. It changes dramatically depending on the lighting. I saw it as an almost blue, a bright teal, a super dusty teal and a turquoise. It’s on the thinner side so I did three coats here + added topcoat.


Mother of Pearl

Oh dear Mother of Pearl! She was a nightmare to shoot and such a pleasure to wear! It is described as a sheer pearl white with pink to orange to gold to green aurora shimmer. It takes three coats to make it decently opaque but there still will be some nail line visible. I usually don’t like that but with off-whites I don’t really mind that because I can’t help but admire the effect it gives. That softness is absolutely amazing! The reddish glow is always there but it doesn’t always translate well in the pictures.


Santana Rose

This shade is described as a Persian red with green to magenta chameleon shimmer. I liked this one a lot even though it’s not the most flattering shade on me. It is more pigmented than some other shades in the collection and I only needed two coats for full opacity.


Unicorn Cave

This one is such a cool polish! It is described as a dusty lilac with gold to green to blue chameleon shimmer. I have trouble explaining the effect this polish has in any languages but I’ll try anyway. In the shade it looks like as if a thin ethereal-looking film was wrapped over the nails shedding its dim iridescence and glorifying those shifts. This is the best I could manage and while I understand that it doesn’t really help much, I’m in such an awe of this polish that I can’t simply say ‘oh how beautiful’ and be done with it, that’s not enough! 🙂 It took me three coats to get it opaque for the pictures.


Forbidden Fruit

The last polish of this post is described as a dusty fern green with magenta to gold to green chameleon shimmer. The shimmers are insane here! They shift so well and they never stop! The polish has a lighter texture so you’ll probably need three coats to make it opaque. A very pretty green it is!


Now that we’ve talked about all nine shades, let’s choose a winner here! No winners of course, just my personal favourites in terms of colour. You might have guessed them already. I’m absolutely in love with Silver Hoof with its blue glow and copper flakes, Unicorn Cave with its ethereal properties and dear Mother of Pearl with its soft shade and complimenting glow.

This is a great release, if you ask me, because I would like to pick more than just three shades here. For instance, Tree Spirit, Moon Village and Forbidden Fruit should receive their honorable mention too! 🙂


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  • These are all stunning <3 I love the iridescent polishes, great shifts 😀

    • The shifts are incredible! So mesmerising! <3