This March Moo Moo’s Signatures is treating us with 6 new shades. There are 3 very delicate colours that look perfect for the spring and then there are 3 deeper and brighter shades to vamp it up when you feel like it 🙂

The collection will be available starting March 25th on the brand’s website. They are not marked as limited edition for now.

Rare Coyote

The first shade is described as a purple holo. This is a very soft type of purple, I would call it a lilac. It has very fine linear holo dust which further accentuates the softness of this polish. Since the particles are so small, the overall result is so silky, I almost want to touch it to feel that. I did 2 coats but I can easily see where it might take you 3 to get it opaque. It dries shiny on its one so I didn’t add any topcoat for my pictures.

Ancient Lizard

The next shade is described as a nude holo. This colour reminds me of a walk along the beach when you’re barefoot and can feel the warmth of that sunkissed sand under your feet. The finish is the same here so whenever it’s touched by the sun, the polish burst with rainbows of linear holo. Beautifully done! I did 3 coats for this polish and didn’t add topcoat.


Empress Code

This one is described as a seafoam green holo. This is a lively seafoam to me and I certainly like it. It gets even brighter thanks to that holo dust in there. It makes me think of those playful little waves near the shore that bring the remnants of emotions from their big roaring sisters. It took 2 coats to get this polish opaque. No topcoat for the pics.


Rotten Rose

Let’s move on to the deeper shades now! Here we have a dark cherry base with orange to gold to green chameleon flakes, green to pink shimmer and silver holo dust. The base has a certain chestnut tones to it (at least on me) but I don’t mind it at all because the colour is so comforting and well, kind of relaxing. The flakes stand out a lot more than my pics show (direct light usually kills half of the flakes at least). You’ll want a thicker topcoat for this polish, though, because of the same pretty flakes. If your topcoats are on the thinner side, you might end up needing 2 coats.



Look who’s here! If you remember last month’s release with its amazing Spellbound (a gorgeous glowing purple), then you might get interested in this one too. This is its sister polish but now in blue!. No, wait. A gorgeous blue! The base colour is bright and I’ll even say mouthwatering. Blue colours do that to me. I just love them too much 🙂 I feel like the viscosity of this shade is a bit different from Spellbound, this one is less flowy and I find that it dries faster. I did 2 coats but there’s some nail line showing so 3 coats is a very possible scenario with this beauty.


Dino Eyes

Last but not least we have the amazing Dino Eyes which is a true chameleon and I’m struggling to say what shade it really is 🙂 The brand says it’s a murky olive with orange to gold to green to blue chameleon shimmer. Well, that’s all true! It looks completely different depending on the lighting conditions but it stays beautiful in any light, really. I did 2 coats for this polish but with thinner coats, it’ll be 3, I think.


Dolphin Paradise (PPU April 2020)

There is one more shade that I have here but it’s not part of the regular release. This polish is Moo Moo’s Signatures’ contribution to the Aquatic Wonder theme of Polish Pickup for the month of April. If you’re not familiar with Polish Pickup, it’s a project that connects a lot of indie makers where each month they bring out their new creations for a given theme. The themes get voted for in their Facebook group (here).

Dolphin Paradise is described as a purple base with pewter holo dust, pink to gold to green aurora shimmer, blue to purple ucc flakes and 2 types of shifting iridescent flakes. This polish is very jelly-ish which allows the flakes really peek through but that means you’ll need 3 coats for this one. The first coat gives you a barely-there purple tint with lots of flakes but it build up nicely after that so in the end you’re left with a glowy purple looks with a glimpse of other colours (thanks, little flakes!) every time you move your hand.


I really like all the colours in this release so I don’t even know what to pick this time 🙂 I liked the lilac beauty and its seafoam friend, they are so lovely for spring and the holo is so soft there! Then there’s Babylonia which is a terribly fab blue. I mean, I can’t avoid falling in love with that one even if I tried! Dino Eyes is mesmerising with its shifts and Rotten Rose has really helped me get warm because our spring isn’t very pleasant this March.

So here you have it — I’m going to pick the whole collection and say that it’s not my fault. Outrageous, I know, but what else can a girl do when the polishes are so good?


*provided by the brand

  • Oh wow, these are gorgeous <3

    • They certainly are! Such a great release! 🙂