Today I would like to show you five new polishes from Moo Moo’s Signatures that are about to be released very soon. These little guys endured more than two months in transit but they are finally here and ready to be talked about.

The June release contains 5 polishes, three of which have shifting shimmer in them and two are flakie polishes. All the polishes in this post are shown with Moo Moo’s Signatures topcoat. For your reference: it is a thin, watery topcoat so please keep that in mind when seeing info on how many coats of topcoat you might need to use with the new colours.


I don’t have any official descriptions so you’ll have to read my own 🙂 I’d call it a light heliotrope violet base with red to gold to green shifting shimmer. The base is a jelly so the shimmer in here really glows. The polish starts drying quite quickly so you won’t have much time for a meditative polish application. I also wouldn’t recommend thick coats because those might give you bubbles.

Since the polish is quite sheer, I did 3 coats + added topcoat.


Mermaid Returns

The next shade is a dark blue base with teal undertones with a generous helping of iridescent flakes and tiny metallic (probably) flakes. Those iridescent flakes shift from green to orange to purple and fuchsia and those last two colours give the polish more of a blurple appearance.

The polish is a jelly but 2 coats were enough for me. I did 2 coats of topcoat to smooth out those flakies but if you use gel-like topcoat, you might get away with one.


Zombie Queen

This polish is a a very saturated dark forest green jelly base with red to gold to green shifting shimmer. The brand has previously released a couple of «zombie» colours which are similar to this one. I can’t compare them but as far as my memory goes the first «zombie, The Egyptian Zombie, was a darker (less jelly-ish), cooler green. The shimmer in the new shade is more pronounced and I think the particles are a bit bigger. It shifts wonderfully and I can see it clearly most of the time so I’m very happy with the new Zombie Queen 🙂

My pictures show 2 coats + topcoat.


Gummy Bear

This one is something of a dulce de leche jelly base with tons of iridescent flakes and tiny silver holographic flakes. I was sceptical about this one at first because I thought it would look terrible against my skin tone. I was so wrong! I did 2 coats with this one and fell in love. I think the flakies do their magic here and brighten up the overall appearance tremendously. This polish makes me think of all types of sweet things starting from the above-mentioned dulce de leche to the crust of the crème brûlée topped with some berries. I did 2 coats of thin topcoat here,


Bracelet of Anubis

The last shade of this collection is the most difficult one for me to described. The base is a mixture of a burnt orange and cinnamon colours and then there’s that amazing shimmer that goes from golden yellow to chartreuse to emerald green and then to blue and even purple (or maybe that purple is the result of the base colour mixing with the blue shift of the shimmer).I did 2 coats of polish + topcoat.

Well, the base colour is something that I never wear because it never looks good on me (unless it’s a creme, then I might at least hope for an okay result) but that shimmer is gorgeous! I’d like to have it in a royal blue or in an eggplant base. Oh well, a girl can dream.


My favourites here are Dreamcloud which I fell in love with even before applying it and the surprisingly lovely Gummy Bear. I don’t think I would pick up this shade myself but I’m grateful I got a chance to try it because it turned out to be such a pretty polish!


*provided by the brand



  • Wow this is a nice collection 😀