Moo Moo’s Signatures released their new trio yesterday so it’s time for me to show you the swatches and share my thoughts on the shades.

They are available starting July 6th on the brand’s website (here). The trio is inspired by Godzilla, The King of the Monsters. Have you seen any of the Godzilla films? I was surprised to see that there are more of them than I thought 🙂


The first polish is a black base with holo, turquoise shimmer, small blue flakes and bigger silver ones. I love darker shades and this is no exception. It applies easily in two coats and I would recommend topcoat to make the shimmer and those silver shreds pop. The blue flakes are really small and they are not noticeable that much at first but they give a nice twist to the colour of the base and they look like tiny blue stars if you enjoy admiring your polishes up close (I certainly do!)

King Ghidorah

The next shade is a dusty gold holo, gold shimmer and small black and bronze flakes. I was struggling to come up with the description of the base colour so I’m very thankful to Mei Mei, the owner of Moo Moo, to provide it 🙂 Dusty gold sums it up perfectly, depending on the light and your skintone the polish might find more mustard or sand tones to show you.

The polish applied in two coats for me but you might need three if you have longer nails.


The third shade is a white crelly with holo flakes and tiny purple, green, bronze and black flakes. Oh sweet heavens! A white crelly with specks! I’ll take that any time of the day! 🙂

I was prepared to have difficulties with its application as white polishes are notoriously famous for that. We had a little talk with the polish and then I opened the bottle, painted my first nail, then more and… well, it applied just fine! I did two coats of it + topcoat.

My favourite here is definitely Kaiju! I loved everything about it! It applies well, it looks amazing and I simply fall for white polishes very easily. No regrets here! 🙂 It is closely followed by Godzilla, the darker shade of the trio. The combination of turquoise, blue and silver against black looks fantastic!

What about you? Which one is your favourite?

*provided by the brand

  • A beautiful Trio. I really like Godzilla not just because of the name 😀 And I really like Kaiju too. It is really unique.