Yesterday Moo Moo’s Signatures released their February shades and they are now available for pre-order here (click) from 12th through 18th Feb. There are 6 polishes in total, one of them is a topcoat, two are effects topcoats and three regular shades.


Behind Palace Walls

The first shade is described as a scarlet crelly with pink to gold shifting shimmer and holo flakes. There’s a lot of that shimmer and that sometimes makes me confused about the real colour of the polish. If it red? Pink? Coral? all at once would be the most accurate answer 🙂 I did 2 coat + topcoat to smooth out those holo flakes. I can easily see why it might take 3 coats to get opaque because of the crelly texture this polish has.


Where Dragons Dwell

The next shade is described as a bright turquoise with gold to green to blue aurora shimmer, tiny gold flakies and holo flakes. Oh this one’s super bright! It also shifts to blue so much more than my pictures show! I did two coats of polish here and didn’t add any topcoat.



This shade is described as a blurple base with pink to gold to green aurora shimmer. This polish is enchanting! Such a great combo of that base colour and the aurora shimmer! Looks wonderful! I find the texture here to be somewhere between a jelly and a crelly so I ended up doing 3 coats + added topcoat for the extra shine.


It’s A Dreamcatcher

Next up is a topper described as a clear base with 24K gold flakes, orange to gold to green chameleon shimmer and holo flakes. I did two coats over a midnight blurple base (I could have just said black because honestly — who could ever tell that it’s something other than black?) Two coats give more of those gold flakes . There’s also a question that keeps me awake at night now. Why is the shimmer here called ‘chameleon’ instead of the usual ‘shifting’?


Dreaming of Holo!

Next we have another toppe, now a holo one. It is described as a scattered holo topper with holo flakes. I like that it also have those bigger holo flakes and not just holo dust, makes it more interesting. There’s a lot of holo so you should probably be careful and apply it in thin (really thin) coats. I did one super thin coat over Spellbound.


Mooberry Shiny Topcoat

Last polish that was released is a topcoat that is supposed to be fast drying shiny topcoat with mild strawberry scent. The topcoat is 5-free. This is a very liquid-y type of topcoat. It gives you a very thin coverage so I wouldn’t recommend it for glitters and those types of iridescent flakies that usually require something much thicker to smooth them out. It didn’t shrink my polishes which I am always very grateful for.

My absolute favourite here is Spellbound. I saved it for last and spend several lovely days enjoying it on my nails. Such an amazing polish!


*provided by the brand




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