Hello everyone! Today I want to show you 5 new shades from the new Mythical Paradise collection (*) by Moo Moo’s Signatures. Each shade is named after a magical creature so I added some Lego figures to match that aspect. I didn’t have all the appropriate figures so some of them are related to the creatures but not exactly match them 100%. Can you guess those creatures that inspired the polishes btw?

These new shades are all crellies which means that for some of them you will probably need three coats. They dry fast so I personally don’t find it difficult to do three coats. Each shade has shimmer in it and also some Aurora-type pigment.

The shades will be limited edition and all of them will be discontinued after some time. They will be released on May, 17th at 10 pm SGT.

Let’s look at the pretties!


Fairy Bat-mother is proud to present this pink crelly to you! We argued a lot on who should wear it first. I was saying that I had to swatch it so I should be the first but Bat-mother was adamant that it was her right to try it first because it’s a polish named after her! There was no choice but to give in of course! Still, I got a chance to try it too and here are some pictures I took.

I needed three coats for this shade.



The second shade is named after Pegasus who has kindly let me paint my nails with this polish without making any scenes. He’s so cute, right?

The polish was opaque in two coats for me but you might need three if you prefer super thin coats.



Now this is an unusual shade! I love polishes like that when you can’t find many dupes in your own collection. Demigod is exactly that (and let me tell you — he was sure pleased when I told him that he’s handsome AND unique).

This shade was mostly opaque in two coats but I did put a third coat on some of my nails so it really depends on the way you apply polish. I would suggest doing three thin ones though.



If you ever doubted the existence of unicorns, I’m going to show you my very own little Unicorn and it’s 100% real, I swear! No, he’s not hitting on you, he’s just happy he got his own shade from Moo Moo’s Signatures.

This polish is amazing — it is as if it paints itself without you doing anything. Two coats and you’re done!



Meet Memphis, our local pharaoh of the Lego city. He agreed (so kind of him, seriously!) to show you the shade that was named after his beloved friend, Sphinx. Sphinx couldn’t leave his post at the pyramid but Memphis had a spare minute (speaking about the luxury of being a pharaoh!) and decided to introduce the polish.

I can’t describe the colour accurately. I saw it as a lovely neutral with a cool undertone and I also saw it as a warmer nude with a hint of green. So with this particular shade please keep in mind that the finished result will vary depending on the light you’re under and your skintone.

This polish was opaque in three coats for me.


So what do you say? Which one is the prettiest? If you want to say «all of them», I don’t blame you — I don’t know which one to choose as a favourite either!

I’ll try and say Sphinx and Unicorn but that Fairy in the picture below is going to give me a hard time after these words so I’d better be going now 🙂

Thank you for reading!

*provided by the brand