Some time ago Moo Moo’s Signatures announced their new fun project called the Moototype. The main idea of that is to create polishes based on the photos uploaded by members of their Facebook group (click here to join).

Now that the first ideas (aka inspiration pictures) have been submitted we are presented with three new Moo Moo shades which I am now going to show you.

The shades will be available for pre-order from June 25th until July 2nd on their website (here). These are limited edition and will be available only once during the dates mentioned above.

Black Lily

The first shade is this gorgeous black holo polish with white glitters. I am very happy to say that this one is inspired by my picture. There was an image I really liked so I thought that it would be so cool to see the polish based on it! It is actually really cool to see it as a polish 🙂

The formula is wonderful here — it’s thin enough but still covers perfectly in two coats. Top coat is highly recommended here due to the glitters. It will smooth everything out and you’ll be left with some cosmic gorgeousness on your nails.


Blood Moon

The second shade is a marvel! It is a multichrome, it has some aurora pigment and there is also holo! The combo is insane. I wish this one was permanent or at least not so limited in quantities as it’s a pity that Blood Moon is not here to stay.

Two coats to perfection, easy as that.


Diamond Desert

Oh the delicious third shade of the trio! You know there’s a saying «apple of my eye»? Well, this is a banana instead of an apple and I don’t regret swapping that apple! This looks like a yummy dessert — I can’t stop thinking about food when I’m looking at it! It’s a pastel yellow with gold and peach flakes and some shimmer.

I used three coats with this one. I would recommend doing thin coats and don’t get distracted much while painting your nails. It’s not a polish that you can apply with your eyes closed. The result is wonderful, though. Such a great summer shade.

I don’t know if I can pick a favourite this time. I mean just look at this trio — each shade is a complete stunner on its own!

*provided by the brand