Hello everyone! Today I want to show you the Facebook Duo* by Moo Moo’s Signatures that was released on May 17th. There are two shades (obviously) that were inspired by the pictures submitted by members of the Facebook group.

Let’s see the polishes!

Forest of Illusion

The first polish was inspired by the picture of a forest lit by the sun. It is described as a pastel olive green scattered holo with multichrome shimmer which shifts from copper to gold to green, tiny black and gold flakies

This shade turned out amazing — the shifts are incredible and those little black flakes help the polish stand out from other greens.

I used two coats for my pictures and a topcoat.


Moon Shadow

The second polish is inspired by the picture of a beautiful sunset. Those rich hues of the sun that colours the sky with myriads of shades can be now found in this polish here.

It is described as a purple scattered holo with red to copper shimmer, tiny purple and gold flakies.

This is perfectly opaque in two thin coats and I would recommend a glossy topcoat to help that red shimmer pop.

I really liked both colours  — the green with those complimenting shifts and black flakes is a stunner, isn’t it? The purple one is great, too — I love purples that have a warmer shift to them. Moo Moo’s Signatures does many purple shades and I must say that they are all really pretty!


*provided by the brand