We’re knee deep into holidays so the timing couldn’t be better to show you the latest collection from ILNP.  The collection is called ‘All Nighter» and there are 6 polishes altogether. The good news? As always with the brand, these shades are not limited edition. They are available on the official website and also via stockists.

I’ve been an avid admirer of ILNP for quite some time now. They create amazing polishes and offer a variety of shades in a jelly finish which happens to be my favourite. I can’t even recall a collection of theirs where I wasn’t in love with at least half of the shades 🙂 The All Nighter collection is no exception, all six shades are so good!


The first shade is described as a a striking berry shade with holographic micro-flakes. The brand’s description is actually noticeably more eloquent and I highly suggest reading it because ILNP does have the best descriptions out there — I’m in love with each polish even without seeing any swatches, really! Madeline is truly gorgeous, I wore it for several days and I removed it simply because there were other shades from this collection to swatch. It is very nicely pigmented and I only needed two coats for full opacity.



The next shade is described as a lively viridian base with the perfect assortment of striking holographic micro-flakes. Hmmm… how do I write this post without being annoyingly repetitive? Here we have another great shade which leaves me no choice but to bathe it in compliments. I’m not sorry though because the polish does look amazing. At first I thought it would be too similar to Fir Coat which was released a couple of years before this one but rummaging through my Helmer drawers quickly proved me wrong — Fir Coat is more on the green side (=less teal/blue tones) and it has additional shimmer in it while Cheers is all holo flakes. In case you’re interested, ILNP has a great compare feature on their website. I wish more website had this thing, it’s very helpful. Although my budget probably won’t agree with me on this one.



This polish is described as a radiant combination of beaming metallic flakes with hues of blue, purple, green, red, pink, and gold perfectly proportioned in a clear base. This can be used as a topper or as a fun and fresh pop of color to your bare nails. I don’t have the luxury to wear in on my bare nails because some rascals stained the hell out of them 🙂 But I find that this polish looks absolutely beautiful over black or any off-white nudes with cool undertones. I applied it in one coat over an off-white jelly polish.


Party Bus

This shade is described as an intense, jet black jelly base with holographic micro-flakes and shimmering iridescent flakes. I’m always excited for a good black and I’m happy to say that this one did not disappoint! It has some holo in it but the best part here is definitely those colourful flakes. So beautiful!


Love Triangle

This polish is described as twinkling hues of vivid gold, rosy pink, and vibrant silver micro-flakes in a clear base. Oh the little darling! We’ve seen so many flakie toppers lately that I didn’t think that there would be something new to get me excited. This topper did exactly that — it made me excited 🙂 I put over a variety of colours on the swatch sticks but for my pictures I went for a dark blue jelly polish. It also look splendid over a darker green, just in case, you know.


You Up?

The last polish from this collection is described as a deep and creamy navy-blue base with holographic micro-flakes ranging in size. The depth of it is so incredible! It was the last shade from the collection I wore and I loved every minute of it! As a side note, I did wear it for 6 days and I didn’t even get any tip wear. Fantastic!


You have probably guessed that I completely fell in love with this collection. I would wear each shade from this collection (and I did exactly that with half of the shades and would have done the same with the rest of them if I had had more time). I’m struggling to pick a favourite here because the easiest thing would be to scream «They are all stunners!» but just for the sake of the fave thing I like to do at the end of each post, I’m going to limit myself and say that Madeline and Love Triangle are the most favourite shades of mine from this release.


*provided by the brand






  • Stunning collection! Happy holidays 😀

    • Thank you! Hope you had an amazing time! 🙂