Masura decided to end 2019 with a bang and released a huge collection of polishes right before the New Year’s day. The collection includes 22 shades and I have 10 of them to show you today.

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice is described as a a cheerful bright blue with flakies and holographic glitter. I’m not sure why the say there’s glitter in it because I don’t see any but okay 🙂 I think they are just small holographic flakies but everyone’s entitled to an opinion so let’s leave it at that. The polish is noticeably sheer so I needed 3 generous coats to cover my nail line. It’s still visible at some angles but not to an extent that I would want another coat (and I’m not prepared to do 4 anyway). It also needed 2 coats of topcoat to smooth everything out.


Blueberry Holo

Blueberry Holo is described as a purple base with large holographic flakes. This polish is way prettier than its description says. Masura does amazing holographic polishes and this one is no exception! The grape base is rich in colour and can cover in one generous coat if you really try it (but I would do 2 thin coats because it’s easier to control the polish that way). I didn’t add topcoat for the swatches.


Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House is described as a warm dark beige. It has small holo flakes in it and also some gold shimmers (or tiny flakes). The shimmer isn’t that noticeable when you actually have the polish on the nails but it adds a touch of warmth to its overall appearance. This is such an autumnal colour for me, very cozy!


Fluffy Plaid

Fluffy Plaid is described as a gray-brown with a lilac tint base with holographic flakes and small duochrome flakies. My thoughts on this polish ranged from «this is going to be super ugly» to «it might look so lovely»! It ended up being one of my faves actually 🙂 The polish is cozy yet never boring. The flakes pop up with their iridescence here and there making me love this shade even more. Two easy coats + topcoat.


Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is described as a bright jelly with iridescent flakes and small holographic flakes. This looks so much more orange in the bottle that I started panicking. It gets more of a red once on the nails but it still leans orange, I’d say it’s right on the verge for me (I don’t appreciate orange shades with holo/flakes or anything else). It is pleasantly jelly-ish but covered easily in just 2 coats for me. It does need topcoat (probably 2 coats) to smooth everything out. I liked this shade but I wish there wasn’t any holo, just flakes please.


Navy Blazer

Navy Blazer is described as a black base with colour-shifting flakes and small holo flakes. I was sure about this polish and it didn’t disappoint. The darkness of the base is lit up wonderfully by those playful flakes and holo. 2 oats + topcoat.


Wishes Come True

Wishes Come True is described as a pink base with beige undertones. It has holo flakes in it. This turned out to be much more pigmented than I expected. I did two thin coats (like, really thin, which is unusual for me).


Jeans With Sequins

Jeans With Sequins is described as a light blue, very elegant with flakes. I like this understated kind of blue. It’s dusty and faded enough but not washed-out. The polish covers easily in 2 coats and I love everything about it except its name. Why did you have to do that to me, Masura?


Winter Blush

Winter Blush is described as a soft pink with peach undertones accented with small holo flakes and duochrome flakes. Hmmm… It is more of a salmon peach colour with slight pink undertones on my nails. Salmon + my nails = never happens. I can hardly ever pull off this colour in a creme finish, let alone when it’s a polish with flakes or glitter. Maybe once, somewhere in July, it can happen (although I haven’t tried in years) but certainly not in February or early March. Long story short, it looks nice in the bottle and horrible on me 🙂 The formula is good here so if you likes colours like this and they don’t make your skin adopt a brand new ashen tint, then rumour has it that you might enjoy this one too.


Grape Juice

I was ready to finish this post with my sharing my favourites from the collection when I suddenly remembered that I have one more shade to show you! Grape Juice is described as a purple base with small holo flakes and iridescent flakes in it. It’s a beautiful colour (I love purples a lot so I’m totally biased) and the flakes stand out really well here. 2 coats + topcoat.



My favourites here are definitely that beautiful Blueberry Holo and the ever so cozy Fluffy Plaid. I also liked Jeans With Sequins an awful lot but I simply hate the name and that prevents me from adding it to the Blueberry and Fluffy group of faves. I will still wear it but will continue to be tormented a bit 🙂


*provided by the brand