Masura is making a debut on my blog! I actually love their brand and have a lot of their polishes which may be hard to believe,I know, considering I haven’t talked about any of them here. Anyway, the number of my little Masura bottles is nearing eighty ( and now I have six more that I want to tell you about.

Back in June they released their new collection of polishes called ‘Travel with Masura’. Their colours and names make me think about hot summer nights, pleasant beach days and well, travelling 🙂

You Are My Rumba

The first shade is described as a bright coral jelly with some fine holo glitter. I don’t see any glitter but I can spot some holo flakes and there is also some fuchsia shimmer. The shimmer is sparse and you can’t detect it that easily (except maybe in the bottle) but it makes the base colour look a bit more red at certain angles.

It applied easily in two thin coats. It can be worn without topcoat as it dries smooth but I added topcoat anyway because I love things to be glossy (except when I like them matte but it’s not the case here obviously).

Message In A Bottle

This polish is said to be a very dark green jelly. I say it’s a very beautiful green jelly 🙂 This polish is very stubborn when it comes to capturing its shade of green right. It looks like it has much more yellow to it than it really has. It’s a cool-toned green, I see it as a fir green.

I did two coats of polish + topcoat. The first coat looks very uneven and I was wondering how many coats I would have to do but two certainly did the job for me. My second coat was a bit thicker than I normally prefer.

Strawberry Icecream

This polish is described as a light coral creme with shimmer. It’s a very pretty summer shade which has specks of red matte shimmer (or flakes, if you will) in it and also some silver holo flakes. It does look delicious and make me think of all the icecream I have in my freezer (a lot).

It applies in two thin coats and I added topcoat for extra glossiness.

Tulips Waltz

This polish is described as a classic red jelly with red hex glitter of two sizes. It is a stunning colour. It is rich, it is alluring, it is fabulous. The colour will get darker depending on the number of coats you apply. Oh and by the way, it looks gorgeous mattified!

I did one coat of polish + gel-like topcoat. It was enough glitter for me in one coat and I want it to still look airy and squishy so I stopped at that.

Dancing With The Sunrise

This shade is described as a bright coral jelly with gold hex glitter of two sizes. It is certainly bright but not neon which I appreciate here. My relationship with corals and oranges is quite difficult so there’s always a thin line between love and hate for me. This one looks way more beautiful to me when applied in one coat. The problem was I did two for no reason. It resulted in too much glitter for my personal taste.

My pictures show two coats of polish + gel-like topcoat.

Be My Valentine

This polish is said to be a bordeaux red jelly with red hex glitter of two sizes. This colour is more on the passionate reds side. Again, it is easy to deepen the colour by adding one more coat of polish if you want. I wanted to get away with one thin coat but it was a tad patchy so I added a few strokes here and there. Does it make it a 1.5-coat application? 🙂

One coat with some additional touch-ups + gel-like topcoat.

So all six shades have been shown now so let’s pick a favourite here. Or two. I really loved Message In A Bottle because it’s a beautiful deep green AND it’s a jelly so it is certainly a fave! The other one would be Be My Valentine — I mean, who doesn’t like bordeaux? 🙂 It is similar to Tulips Waltz which is also a beautiful polish but three would be a bit too many, right?

Which ones did you like?

*provided by the brand