I wish Masura had a name for each collection they release, it would definitely help me with naming my posts 🙂 These shades premiered back in October and some of them are the epitome of autumn indeed. There are several polishes that I would wear any time of the year, though, so no point in waiting until next autumn to show you this collection, right?

The collection has 20 polishes in total but I only have 10 of them that I’m going to show you in today’s post.

Vanilla Custard

This shade is described as a pale yellow creme with warm «vanilla» undertones. The colour is very mellow and it appears like a warm nude at times. There’s also some gold shimmer in there but it’s quite difficult to detect on the nails. I did three thin coats for my pictures but if you’re a polish wizard, I think it’s also possible to paint it with two thicker coats. This is one of the shades that I can wear all year long, such a pretty light shade!


Lime Tarte

The next polish is a light lime green polish. It goes more chartreuse yellow on me depending on the lighting but it always stays bright. In some lighting it almost becomes a neon polish or maybe it’s my winter colour palette that makes me see things brighter than they are. It has a nice formula and was opaque in two coats. I’m a seasonal wearer and this polish is all about summer or early September for me so I can’t appreciate its true beauty right now.



This polish is described as a golden green creme. I’m confused by the «golden» part, to be honest, but I’m going to assume that they meany yellow. I also think that this is more of a crelly than a creme which actually makes me even happier. The formula here is fantastic — the polish applies beautifully, takes only two easy coats and looks stunning! It’s not my go-to winter shade but I like these types of green in April and throughout the whole autumn, of course.


The Power Inside You

This shade is described as a khaki green holo and well, that’s what it is. I wasn’t super excited about it while looking at the bottle but I loved it in the nails! It is an amazing green, in my opinion, and oh-so-autumn! 🙂 Masura’s holos are mostly perfect when it comes to their formula and this one is no exception. Two thin coats that you could do with your eyes closed.


Forest King Bride

This polish is described as a dark green with golden type of holo. This is magic in a bottle — this green is so pretty! This shade is also amazing not only during autumn, but also during the holidays. At least, I loved it during Christmas time last year (it feels weird writing «last year» about something that was two weeks ago). The formula is perfection here, again. Nothing more to say about that.


Maple Leaf Tango

This shade is described as a burnt orange creme with lots of gold flakes in it. It is a beautiful polish but it’s 100% autumn for me. Formula-wise it was as good as the other well-mannered shades from the collection — two thin coats and no fuss at all.


Dark Cheddar

This yummy shade is a cheddar cheese orange creme (surprise, surprise, considering the mane, right?) with tiny gold particles in it as the brand says. I actually thought they were silver so now I’m confused about their true colour 🙂 It’s not a big deal in the end because they are mostly detectable in a macro picture. In real life when I was admiring my mani from afar, it was mostly the lovely base colour I saw and not the particles.


A Beauty from Dijon

This polish is described as a mustard holo, as simple as that! It is utterly beautiful and the holo here is super pretty! I think I’ve already mentioned a couple of times that I like Masura’s holo a lot and I’m going to repeat it again here because this mustard polish is sooo good! It’s one of the autumnal shades for me too but this particular mustard has enough warmth in it so that I could pull it off even in the midst of winter (which I find amazing!)


Sugar Almond

This is a warm medium-toned brown creme with gold flakes. Again, I thought the flakes were silver but looking at the macro shots now, I think I can see some golden tones to those little flakes. Maybe it’s the metallic aspect of theirs that makes it harder to tell if they are gold or silver or maybe there are simply two kinds of flakes, I don’t know. This is so autumnal to me again, that I find it hard to say anything except that the formula is good here and I only needed two thin coats.


Chicory Coffee

The last shade that I have is described as a dark brown creme with tiny gold flakes. I’m beyond happy to report that now I finally see that gold hue! Maybe it’s the base that helps me spot the true colour but whatever the reason is, I’m glad they are gold here. It makes the polish look a bit warmer (just a tad) but they are mostly undetectable in real life. You can spot some kind of sparkle (very minor) in direct sunlight if you decide to inspect the polish on the nails up close but otherwise they are flakies in disguise.


The main advantage of a big collection is that I can always choose more than one shade as my favourite 🙂

This time I am absolutely thrilled with Forest King Bride (such a gorgeous green!), Guacamole (fab shade of green and a very nice crelly formula) and A Beauty from Dijon (a type of mustard that has more yellow than green in it and that makes it is easier to wear).


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  • Oh wow these are amazing. I don’t think I have seen a polish named after cheese before!!! Can’t think of one anyway! Cool!

    • Haha that’s true! I can’t recall any other such polishes either 😀