You know, Masura has tons of new shades to offer (check their Istagram here, they’ve just announced it) but if you’re still thinking about hte beauties from their September release, then you’re very welcome to discuss them too because that’s what we’re going to talk about today. There were ten shades in the collection and all of them were created in collaboration with bloggers. I’ll leave the links to their pages below in case you’re interested.


Let’s start with a bliss of a polish. It was created in collab with @knopka_e.p (click). It has a milky base with shimmer, glitters and some flakes. The shimmer has that nice golden hue to it at certain angles and that makes the polish glow! So gorgeous! I did three thin coats here and added topcoat to smooth everything out.



The next shade is in collaboration with Melanie Getupft (click). The polish is described as a purple shade with holo flakes and red metallic flakes. The flakes here are of a harder quality so the polish itself might need two coats of topcoat (you can try anything gel like, for example, Essie Gel Setter, I was able to smooth everything out perfectly with this one). It is a wonderful combination of everything here and so unique! Such a beauty!


Doll House

The next shade is a collab with Anna (click). This is a bright pink base with a velvety type of holo. This is such a cute polish! I’m so glad I love pinks nowadays because I can enjoy this shade now as much as I want. The holo flakes are lovely here — they are of different size and that’s what I love in Masura’s holo shades. Two coats and you are left with super bright nails! In case you were wondering how it compared to Picture Polish Pinkie, let me tell you — they are not dupes. Send me a message if you’re interested in a comparison pic.


Pistachio Ice-cream

This shade was created with Olga (click). This is described as a pistachio green base with green and bronze coloured flakes. Well, those flakes are much more than just green and bronze! They shift wonderfully revealing a multitude of colours. I did three thin coats and then added topcoat. The flakes are super soft here (you know what I’m talking about, right?) so the polish won’t be difficult to remove.


Green’s Anatomy

This beauty was created in collaboration with Anja (click). You remember her first Masura collab, The Walking Red? I’m sure you do because that was da bomb! Guess what? She created one more amazing shade! This is a dark green jelly with holo flakes, and red, gold and bronze flakes. I did two coats and stopped at that. Even if there’s still visible nail line, no one will notice it anyway 🙂 It is not the easiest to remove but I’ve seen worse so no big deal here.



This cozy shade was created in collaboration with Kate (click). The polish is described as a brown base with tiny gold holo flakes and pink-to-gold shimmer. I describe it as the coziest shade that makes me want to have a cup of cocoa and something yummy. It applies easily, I did thin coats and it took me 3 coat to get it opaque. You can probably get there in two, I’ll definitely try that next time.



This polish was created with Chloé (click). It is described as a teal base with gold-to-green shimmer, holo, and small bronze flakes. It often appears to be more blue in pictures because these types of shades are notorious for playing that kind of trick on camera. Anyway, it’s definitely a teal (leaning more blue haha) that has a strong teal-green sheen from that shimmer. The flakes here makes this polish more unique to me so I’m happy to be able to add it to my collection.


Barefoot In Summer

This shade was created in collaboration with not one but two beautiful ladies — Kate from @kate_and_colors (click) and Kate from @chechiknails (click). They went for a bright green polish with holo flakes and pink-to-gold shimmer. This is a very bright and cheerful polish. It does make me think of walking barefoot in that pleasant summer grass with its cooling and tickling effects. The sheen is very strong here so what you see is what you get. The polish was also surprisingly opaque and covered in tho thin coats for me.


Cotton Candy

This is a shade created with Svetlana (click). She opted for a pale pink jelly base with iridescent flakes and some holo. It is sheer and looks wonderful in one coat. I wish I could wear it just like that. For the pictures I did three coats to cover my nail line and added topcoat.



The last shade of the collection is created with Emilia (click). Her polish is a light grey base with tiny black shimmers in it. The polish dries matte and that finish looks great here. I added topcoat because I was going to wear this polish for several days (and I did, four days!). My photos show two coats of polish btw.


This is such a great collection and the fact that all of these are collaboration shades just makes me love it even more! Congratulations to the girls and a big thank you for these gorgeous shades! I couldn’t possibly choose just a shade or two here so I’m going to break my own rule and say that it is a great collection altogether.







  • These are all pretty. Lovely collection and great photos 😀

    • Thank you so much!