Today I’m showing you a collection inspired by a poem of Alexander Blok, a famour Russian poet. The poem is quite short so I’ll leave it for below to see where the names came from.

Night, street and streetlight, drug store,
The purposeless, half-dim, drab light.
For all the use live on a quarter century –
Nothing will change. There’s no way out.

You’ll die – and start all over, live twice,
Everything repeats itself, just as it was:
Night, the canal’s rippled icy surface,
The drug store, the street, and streetlight.

The Silver Age collection has 4 polishes — 3 crellies and 1 topper with shimmer, glitter and flakes. They are not limited edition and are available on Lakodom’s website (here). The brand, Koroleva, is Lakodom’s own brand of polishes. They are available individually or as a set and the shop does have international shipping.

The Night

The Night is described as a blurple crelly polish. Lakodom says these shades are all a mix between a jelly and a crelly. Well, this polish is the most jelly-ish of them all. I did two thin coats + added topcoat (although these shade dry very glossy on their own). The formula is great here: smooth application, dries quickly and wears well with topcoat. I spent 4 days with this shade and removed it in perfect condition.



The Street

The Night is described as a bordeaux crelly polish with hints of brown. This one is definitely more of a pigmented crelly or even a mix between a crelly and a creme. It can be easily opaque in one coat and it also dries down a bit darker than it looks in the bottle. It’s a perfect staple colour, in my opinion, so I have about 4 similar shades in my stash now 🙂



The Drugstore

The Drugstore is described as a teal green crelly. Again, this is a thicker kind of crelly (it’s super pigmented) so you can get away with one coat. I did get some shrinkage after I applied my topcoat so I would recommend waiting 10-15 minutes before applying your topcoat.



The Lamp

The Lamp is described as a clear base with an assortment of gold shimmer, glitters and flakies. This one is a fun way to spice up your mani! This one doesn’t dry super glossy so I would recommend a topcoat that will add shine and also smooth everything out.


This collection is a great thing to add some crellies with a great formula to your stash. I like the colours the brand chose and the theme which creates a special atmosphere every time I look at the names of the polishes. My favourite here is The Night: it’s the most jelly-ish of the bunch and it’s an amazing colour!


*provided by the brand



  • These are all gorgeous and I love your photos 😀

  • I can see why you like The Night so much, it really is gorgeous! ? The poem is a bit bleak but the colours are definitely not. ?