This autumn Lakodom, a Russian stockist, released another lovely collection as part of their Koroleva range. This is their own brand that is sold exclusively on their website (here). This collection is called Textures and all the polishes in it have finishes that mimic the textures of nature such as granite, marble, etc.

There are 4 polishes in total which are available as a set or individually. These are not limited edition and it is always such a pleasure to say those words! 🙂


Crushed Marble

Crushed Marble is described as a muted light blue base with shimmer, chrome flakies and holo. The colour is beautiful! It reminds me of a slightly washed-out denim. It took me 2 coats to get it opaque. I didn’t add topcoat here because this collection looks good on its own.


Cut in Granite

Cut in Granite is described as a taupe base with shimmer, shifting chrome flakes and holo. The flakes shift through shades of bronze, copper, fuchsia and purple. The base balances between being a light creme and a crelly. The polish applies very evenly and can be use in one coat which gives a wash of soft taupe with an array of flakies and all the good stuff. Two coats will leave you with a full-coverage mani and a deeper colour. It wears well — I had it on my nails for 4 days and there was no chipping or anything like that.


Linen Canvas

Linen Canvas is described as a mint green with shimmer, shifting flakes and holo. I don’t really see holo here but I do see those blue shimmers as metallic (at first I thought they were matte but the macro pic says I was wrong). The formula here is great too. It covers easily in 2 thin coats. I didn’t have any topcoat here because I like the way this polish looks on its own.



Tweed Yarn

Tweed Yarn is described as a mustard yellow with shimmer and colour shifting flakes. There are two type of shimmer in this polish — I can see red and blue but maybe there’s some other colour as well. The flakes are actually green but may appear grey or even black. It takes 2 thin coats to get this polish opaque. No topcoat here because it looks great on its own ( and dries quite quickly too).


My favourite here is probably Linen Canvas. It has a nice. pleasant shade of green + shimmer and bits of flakes. I also liked the colour of Crushed Marble, if only I could take the silver holo flakes out of that polish 🙂

I love that all the shades here are «mild» and kind of mellow, it creates such a cozy atmosphere , makes one want to wrap themselves up in these textures and relax.


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  • Now these are gorgeous! I love them all. 😀