This Spring ILNP has an adorable collection of speckled polishes for us. There are six pastel cremes with an array of small metallic flakes in each of them. Each shade looks like a dessert of some kind. Very delicious!

They are available on the brand’s website (here) and also via stockists. They aren’t marked as limited edition (I’m beyond grateful to ILNP for not doing one-release only polishes) so if they’re out of stock at your favourite stockist’s, then it’s just a matter of time before they’ll be available there again.



Bluebird is described as a stunning perano blue speckled polish. Actually, the description that the brand has on their website is much longer and whoever writes them for ILNP is a genius. Even if there were no pictures on the website, I would want every shade simply after reading those evocative pieces.

Perano as a colour is described as an unsaturated very light cold blue. The base is indeed on the cooler side but the flakes in it are of a warmer blue and they are quite bright which makes the overall appearance a bit brighter in general. My love for any shades of blue has no limits so of course I love this polish.



Sunday is described as an adorable pastel pink speckled polish. I can’t argue that, this polish really is adorable. That light pink base is intensified by the boldness of those red metallic flakes. This polish in particular makes me crave something delicious, like ice cream with strawberries or something equally yummy.


This shade is described as a unique pale lilac speckled polish. The base here is very soft and pale. The flakes here are of a bright purple hue (if you’re familiar with Hi-Fi, another shade by ILNP, then this shade might give you the idea of what colour the flakes really are) which enhances the base colour beautifully.


Cottontail is described as a charmingly soft apricot speckled polish. This was the shade I had the most doubts about. I love peach shades in theory but they often look weird on me. Maybe it’s the copper flakes that make the difference, or maybe I just love everything ILNP does (I do) but I like this polish a lot more than I thought I would.



This one is described as a beautifully refined pale turquoise speckled polish. See what I told you about the brand’s descriptions? The turquoise tones are quite mild if we’re talking the base alone but the green flakes boost that and the polish does look like a real turquoise shade 🙂


Dew Drop

The last polish of the collection is described as a beautiful pastel mint speckled nail polish. The base here is of a warmer green colour but the green flakes in it are much cooler which changes the overall appearance a bit and also offers a wonderful contrast. I wonder if the flakes in Dew Drop and in Starling are the same colour. What do you think?


I did 2 coats for each shade from the collection. They were easy to apply but I don’t usually have any application problems with any of my ILNPs. I really love this collection (even the peach, or apricot, as the brand calls it) so I’m torn about choosing a fave. Bluebird? That one was certainly gorgeous. Sunday? Also a little stunner. But then there was Starling which was soooo adorable! Well, you can see where this is going 🙂

What would you choose?


*provided by the brand




  • These are gorgeous. I love this style of polish 😀