Hello guys! I thought I would show you some gorgeous blue polishes from ILNP today. I love the brand and my love for anything blue has been well-documented. April is also a month dedicated to blue polishes so the timing seems perfect. You can check all those pretty blue shades that people share with hashtag (#марафонсинийапрель) on Instagram.

Let’s get started!

Good Vibes

This is an awesome blue jelly packed with holo flakes. The brand describes it as a cobalt blue and I’d say this is pretty accurate — at least whenever I check cobalt blue at Pantone, all I see is this ILNP shade witout flakes 🙂

This shade makes me think about vacation and … swimming pools and refreshing water. I can almost picture myself jumping into a swimming pool with a loud splash 🙂

The number of coats with this shade will depend very much on your application technique. I used two and there’s a little bit of nail line showing but I don’t mind that at all but if your nails are longer or you prefer very thin coats, you will probably want to do three coats.


Float On

Float On is described as an aquamarine blue by ILNP.  It is The Maldives of Polishland, seriously. It’s an Ultra Holo which means this polish has even more sparkle to it! I also detect some golden sheen at odd angles and I still can’t understand whether it’s just the holo or maybe there’s some fine golden shimmer added but I can tell you that I love the effect.

I used three thin coats here. The coats were thinner than with Good Vibes so that is probably the reason I had to apply a third coat.


After Midnight

If you want something darker, please take a look at this polish! The brand says it’s a Prussian blue shade. I say it’s also insanely holographic 🙂 There are also some metallic gold flakes added which I am a fan of.

I love the name of this polish — this polish reminds me of starry nights when the sky is clear and there’s a myriad of stars all glitzy and sparkly (when my eyesight was good enough and allowed me to enjoy the stars haha).

Two coats for full opacity here.


Peri Me

Peri Me is a shade that I don’t often see around sadly and it is so delicate and pretty that I wanted to include it here. The thing is that I don’t typically like linear holographics, I tent to avoid them as much as possible but I somehow fell for this one. I can’t explain it but I think that the combination of that lovely periwinkle shade and the holo is what does the trick for me. There are some tiny gold flakes added and that creates such a nice soft golden sheen. What’s not to love?

I applied three thin coats here. The macro for this polish isn’t my best shot but it hopefully shows you the flakes a little bit and give you the idea of what I was talking about.



This polish is blue bordering on purple or maybe the other way around. ILNP describes it as a grape shade with strong blue undertones. I see it as both blue and purple at the same time 🙂 The colour is gorgeous — it never looks black, you can always tell it’s blurple whatever light you’re under.

It is almost opaque in one generous coat and it comes in handy when you’re doing nail art. For the photos I did two thin coats.

ILNP has a lot more wonderful blue polishes (only yesterday I got my bottle of Downpour and let me tell you, that one surely deserves to be in this post too!)

Which shade was your fave? Do you have ILNP faves in other colours?