This Spring ILNP released two beautiful collections. There was Hatched (see here) with its lovely speckled polishes and now there is Daydream with its soft shades enhanced with holo and shimmers. The Daydream collection is available already on the brand’s official website (here) or via stockists.

I was curious to see how ILNP describes the collection so that I could understand the concept of this release better. They say that the combination of these shades’ earthy hues brought out by holographic, shimmer, and cream formulas draw them together beautifully like a lively bouquet! Let’s see what that lively bouquet is made of! 🙂



Caroline is described as a glistening rosy copper Ultra Holo nail polish. It has both copper and holographic flakes in it. The polish is supposed to remind of a sunset-reminiscent landscape, sparkling golden hour across your fingertips. Thanks to those additional copper metallic flakes here, I can definitely get the golden hour vibe.

The polish is quite sheer so I ended up using three thicker coats. It looked nice in 2 coats too, a bit softer yet still very alluring, but my nail line was showing more than I would want it to show hence swatches with 3 coats of polish here. Shown without topcoat.



Full Bloom

Full Bloom is described as a luxuriously soft peachy pink holographic. The holographic flecks in here are delicate which makes the overall appearance very sweet and mellow. The polish looked more of a peach shade with hints of rose on the bottle but on my nails it was the other way around. I saw more of a rosy shade with hints of peach. Your skin tone will determine the dominant shade of this polish so I would suggest checking out as many swatches as you can and looking for comparison pictures to get a better idea of this colour.

The finish of this polish is buttery smooth, it’s more of a creme so I only needed two coats for full coverage.


Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts is described as a delightful field green holographic nail polish. In the shade it is more of an earthy shade with pea-green hues and it the sunlight (or artificial light) it bursts into holographic flames. Now let’s talk holo for a minute. This polish has some type of holo that I can only call luxurious. I understand it’s hard and kind of weird to go with this description of a holo but that’s the word that came to mind when I was applying this polish. The holo in here has a regal manner and even in the shade it never looks like silver dust, the polish still retains its depth. I just wish ILNP will bring out more polishes with this type of holographic pigment. Please?

The application is a delight. I did 3 thin coats because I liked the way this polish applied. Yes, you read that right 🙂 It is possible to get away with 2 coats but I like the intensity of the shade better in 3 coats.


In The Clouds

In The Clouds is described as a delicate and dreamy pale lilac holographic. This is such an insufficient description for such a complex polish! When it’s cloudy outside, the golden shimmer overcasts everything else and your nails look like they’ve been carefully wrapped in an ethereal foil-like type of film. When the sun is gracing your tips, the shimmer sparkles playfully alongside those vivid holographic flecks. The shimmers here are a bit shifty — they go from a warmer gold to more of a chartreuse at some angles.

I was surprised by the opacity of this polish — I expected at least 3 coats but my nails only needed 2. Yes, they weren’t’ the thinnest of coats but hey, I rarely do thin ones these days (Happy Thoughts is one of the few exceptions, it just demanded it, I couldn’t resist). If you, on the other hand, prefer thin coats (and the thinner the better is your way), then you might need three.



Serenity is described as a beautifully saturated pacific blue Ultra Holo nail polish. This one is heavenly! I love this shade of blue and I absolutely adore the holo in here. Everything about this polish is just right for me personally.

It is generously pigmented so 2 coats was all I needed and even if you’re into thin coats, I think you’ll be fine with two coats too.



Utopia is described as a blissful light violet Ultra Holographic nail polish. This one is one to watch too! It changes dramatically depending on the lighting. It is more delicate and soft in the shade and once the sun hits it, the polish starts radiating holographic joy. When indoors (in the shade) you can also spot some copper flakes in this polish. They are not in your face but pretty noticeable and add a touch of something extra.

I did 2 coats of polish but I can see that you might need three especially with longer nails. The good thing, though, is that the application is a breeze here so even 3 coats shouldn’t be a problem.


Ah, the favourites! It always feels so weird to choose a fave from an ILNP collection because I love the brand’s aesthetic and how they offer something new and play with new-to-them finishes without losing their core. I would have to pick Happy Thoughts because of the holo effect (I don’t even know how to put it into words, this polish just feels amazing) and Serenity is also a blissfully pretty shade, I can’t wait to wear it again as my full mani.


*provided by the brand



  • What a nice collection. I love your photos 😀