This September Ginger Polish, a Russian nail polish brand, released their new collection of polishes. The collection is called Sun Hunters (*) and has 7 shades in total.

I am almost late to the swatch party but I’m writing this post while on a train to Saint Petersburg and it’s 6 o’clock in the morning, just bear with me, as soon as I’m back home, things will go back to normal (aka more scheduled normal).

Let’s start with the shade that is perfect for autumn

Dance Rumba In Havana

This is a soft pumpkin orange with a hint of coral. It has fine gold shimmer in it and small holo particles (I would call it holo dust).

The effect it gives is beautiful! It brightens gloomy autumn days and if the weather is kind enough, the polish will just add even more loveliness to the day. It is perfectly opaque in two easy coats and can be worn without topcoat (although I hardly ever wear anything without topcoat, I love that extra glossiness a good topcoat gives).

Meet Sunrise In Tijuana

The next shade we have is a gorgeous red holo that has a tiny amount of shimmer there which is undetectable once on the nails.

I love reds and I love good reds even more. If you want to get one polish from the collection, let it be this one. It’s more on the jelly side, covers in two coats and just looks stunning! The base is on the cooler side but the holo and the shimmer make it look warmer sometimes.

Dive Into The Coral Sea

Now let’s look at this pretty pink! I am falling for pinks quite often these days. Pinks that look like lollipops — bright, juicy and summery — are my favourite ones. This pink shade is just like that.

It has fine gold shimmer in it but it’s not overwhelming, it just make the colour softer which is a good thing here. It’s jelly-ish, it’s playful, what’s not to love?! Two coats here.

Drink Hot Air In Miami

Now this is a shade I really like, a linear holo chartreuse with gold shimmer in it. It leans more towards green in the shade and in the sun it becomes so much warmer and super holo! Love this polish!

I needed two coats and I would recommend topcoat to make the shimmer stand out more (even though topcoat can be skipped here if you don’t feel like it).

Catch The Wave In LA

The next shade we have is a turquoise blue holo with fine shimmer that matches the colour of the base. This one is as easy to apply as all the other shades I’ve shown you so far.

This polish takes me to the seaside every time I look at it. It was made to accompany us during a vacation 🙂

Fall In Love With Nice

When I first saw the promo I thought that we got two shades that were just a little bit too similar. When I received the collection in the mail, the two polishes (this one and the one above) didn’t look THAT similar anymore.

This shade doesn’t have turquoise tint to the base, it a blue holo polish with fine green shimmer. It’s thinner than other shades in the collection so it can take up to three coats to build it up.

Fire It Up In Mallorca

The Last polish from the collection is a dark teal with glitter of different size and colour.

It looks blue in the bottle but it’s definitely teal on the nails. It’s also quite goopy so the application requires being extra careful. Next time i wear, I’ll definitely add some thinner to it.

If a collection has 7 polishes, I’m allowed to pick more than one as faves, right? 🙂

Havana and Miami are both amazing. They look great on the nails and the colours are just too pretty not to notice.

My biggest fave would be Tijuana, though. I know, we’ve seen red a thousand times, but this one is sooooo good. If I had to pick one, I’d go for this shade. It’s fabulous.

*provided by the brand