Hi there! Today is the day when I can finally show you the new collection by Femme Fatale.

The Witches collection is based off the 1990 movie by the same name, directed by Nicolas Roeg and based off the story by Roald Dahl. The collection is comprised of 6 polishes being released in their November 1st-5th presale.

I haven’t seen the movie but I just checked IMDb and the trailer is hilarious so I had to add it to my watch list.

So while I’m away watching this movie and trying to find all those bits and pieces that inspired the names and the colours from this collection, here are the swatches of all six shades. Hope you’ll like them!

Eyes of Purple

The brand describes it as a blue-purple thermal (cold) that shifts to bright pink (warm) with a red glow. It is recommended to use 3-4 coats of polish to achieve full opacity. I needed three coats and a topcoat as it dries semi-matte.

Teatime Chaos

The next polish is described as a crelly cool-toned magenta with green-blue iridescent flakes. It is recommended to use 3 or 4 coats but I was fine with just two. This polish really benefits from topcoat because the latter makes everything supersmooth and glossy and make the flakies stand out.

You’re Doomed Forever!

It is said to be a blue jelly base packed with green to blue multichrome flakes and holographic particles. I would says it’more about teal than blue but the polish is gorgeous nontheless. It is recommended to use in three coats but I think you can easily get away with two because there are lots of flakies that make it impossible to detect any visible nail line.

Locked In A Painting

The brand describes it as a muddy green base with a demure pinkish tinge that leans to green-gold at an angle to the light. Filled with silver holographic glitters. I did two coats for full opacity and added a topcoat for some extra gloss.

Grand High Witch

You just need to take a look at this description! It is a shimmering soup of pink glass flecks that shift to red then gold at angle of the light, red iridescent flakies, and scattered purple holographic glitters; all in a blue jelly base. It is said to be opaque in 3-4 coats but my bottle of soup was on the thicker side so I only neede 2 (1.5 to be more precise). It looks good without a topcoat but I would add it anyway because I like it when my nails are smooth to the touch and there’s no texture.

Formula 86

This polish is described as an inky blue jelly filled with big iridescent flakes and purple holographic glitters. I loooove this polish. This shade of blue is just too good. The second I applied it, I knew it was instant love for me. It was opaque for me in two coats. Give me more of that deep inky gorgeousness, it’s that perfect!

I really like how nice these colours look together, I can really feel the vibes from the movie (based on the trailer I saw).

As to my favourites from the collection, it was easier this time! I liked You’re Doomed Forever very much, so vibrant and mischievous! My absolute favourite would be Formula 86, it’s insane! The depth, the shade, the flakes! Wickedly good!

What do you think about these witches? 🙂

*provided by the brand