Today I have a new exciting collection by Femme Fatale to show you. The new collection is based off The 1984 film The Neverending Story, based off the novel of the same name by Michael Ende.

This 9-piece collection will be released on August 1st at 9am AEST until August 5th at 9pm AEST, and will be both available to stockists and return for two more presales in October and December.

Let’s see the shades now! 🙂

The Southern Oracle

Shall we start with the lightest and most ephemeral shade? This one is described by the brand as a pale, cold blue with frosty green shimmers and scattered holographic glitters.

I nicknamed it «The Snow Queen’s Polish» — it looks very cooling and even freezing. The shimmers and the overall «cold» vibes are definitely there for me. It is packed with shimmer so the texture feels a bit thicker when applying the polish. It needs 2 thicker coats or 3 thin ones. I would go for three thin coats and finish it with a layer of top coat.

Childlike Empress

The next shade is a different kind of light. The description is a mighty one if you’re interested: it is a soft grey that leans rose pink due to the shine, filled with scattered silver holographic glitters and flecks, and red-to-green shifting iridescent glitters.

The trick with it being grey is awesome, I love that. The base is grey indeed but the shimmer in it makes it so much warmer that sometimes you can not say that it’s grey at all 🙂 The copper shimmer is superb here. I’ll take anything with copper shimmer in it, seriously!

Three thin coats and a top coat because it’s better that way.

Rock Biter

Hello there, beautiful taupe shade! Actually it is described as a grey creme with purple undertones, black glitters in various sizes, and a turquoise shift but I see taupe 🙂

I see it as a sister (or brother?) polish to the Winterking shade from the Fire Lily collection. Can I please have this polish in 5 or 7 more different colours? I love that glitter mix and lovely turquoise shine.

Two coats and top coat and it’s awesome!


Desert of Shattered Hopes

Isn’t that name amazing? I would definitely buy that for the name haha 🙂 But back to the shade itself — it is a warm terracotta red base with golden-green shine, and faint scattered holographic particles.

I have dreamt about a colour combination like that and now it’s here. The colours intensify one another and it makes the contrast between them even more striking. Bad news for me — it doesn’t get on well with my skintone. Oh sweet suffering (although not sweet at all, it’s actually unfair!) Btw — did I mention the shimmer shifts from green to berry pink?

Two coats for full opacity.



Now that is an interesting shade we got here! I don’t have a red from Femme Fatale so I was very excited about this one and it proved to be a gorgeous one. It is a bold ruby red scattered holographic. The holo makes it a bit warmer from time to time and it’s a pleasure to watch the polish turn colder or warmer.

Easy to apply, beautiful on the nails — nothing beats a good red 🙂


The Two Sphinx

Now that is right up my alley! A dark purple base dominated by an olive gold to blue multichrome, and scattered holographic flecks and flakes. I love it already after reading this but it gets even better when you apply it on your nails.

It is rich, saturated and posh. It makes me think about palaces and luxurious fabrics and everything grand and majestic.


Creature of Darkness

We can one thermal polish in this collection to play with. Femme Fatale got me hooked on thermals so I always looks forward to the colour ombinations they pick for their thermal shades. This one is described as a meek berry (warm) to dark berry (cold) thermal with turquoise shine and scattered holographic glitters.

I love both cold and warm colours, the turquoise glow feels really flattering to both shades of berry and well, holo glitters are welcome as usual, I love them a lot!


The Nothing

I was very curious about this polish. I mean read the description please: a subdued, dark ruby overlay on a sickly teal base. That makes a person interested for sure! The teal is visible on the brush when you are going to polish your nails and open the bottle and you can also see it when you remove the polish and look at the cotton pad. The shimmer looks a little warmer in real life but just a bit.

Two coats are enough here. The shimmer is visible all the time, it’s the intensity that changes depending on the light. the base though might get darker if there’s not enough light so it will look really dark.


See Straight Into Your Heart

Oh dear purple, come to mama! Here we have a warm, purplish-berry jelly filled with shifting red shimmers. I can definitely see little flakes there too but the description only lists shimmers. I often wonder when something stops being a shimmer and becomes a flakie and so on. I don’t complain though, as long as it gives a fabulous effect I can go with any name there is for all those beautiful particles.

I wish I could apply it in one even coat — that way it would allow me to have two different polishes. One — a gorgeous berry jelly where berry is lighter and prominent. The second polish would be a normal two coater that we get here in fact, a darker, vampier version that is more of a blackened warm purple. In reality I can’t apply an even first coat, that’s why it can only be a two coater for me. I’ll try with a ridgefiller though because the idea is very persistent and I can’t let it go.

Overall: I got this collection almost a month ago (or maybe now it’s been a month, I don’t remember the exact dates) and we had summer full on and it was so hot I couldn’t wear anything dark without feeling even worse in the heat so I decided to postpone choosing my faves for later. Now the weather has calmed down a bit and my senses cooled down and I can think clearly.

We have a great mix of everything here and by that I mean there are lovely lighter shades for August and September and with the deep darks from the collection we are well-equipped for autumn which I am so excited about.

If I were to pick only three shades, I would go for the thermal, Creature of Darkness, first of all. The base colours, the turquoise glow and the golo glitters. Probably my fave Femme Fatale mix ever. My second pick would be Rock Biter. Gorgeous taupe/warmer grey colour + (here we go again) turquoise and holo. Number three would be difficult because there’s Luckdragon which is magnificient, there’s The Two Sphinx which is stunning in its richness and we also have See Straight Into Your Heart with the purple base that is ready to win me over and the shifty shimmer and I mean who doesn’t love shifty shimmer? Okay, Luckdragon it is as I’ve been really craving some reds.