Today I want to show you an upcoming collection* by australian brand Femme Fatale. The collection is called The Green Gables and the inspiration behind it is the book, Anne of The Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I love this book and the main character, Anne (I mean, who wouldn’t love her, she’s a darling!) so I was more than excited this time. The launch date of the collection is April 1st

Сегодня хочу показать вам новую коллекцию* австралийского бренда  Femme Fatale, которая будет доступна с 1 апреля на сайте марки. Название коллекции и оттенков — результат вдохновения книгой Л.М. Монтгомери «Энн из зеленых мезонинов». Я очень люблю эту книгу, поэтому ооочень ждала новый релиз.  Коллекция поступит в продажу 1 апреля.

A Kindred Spirit

The brand describes it as a cool-tone dusty-rose pink with blue glow and holographic particles. This is a very surprising shade — sometimes it looks very nude with just a hint of blue-ish glow and sometimes it becomes really rosy and the bue glow gets much more intense. The holo is delicate and makes the shade even prettier. The brand suggests doing three coats and this is exactly what I did for my pictures. Three thin coats work best.

Woodsy, Wild & Lonesome

The brand describes it as a deep aubergine purple base with a quirky olive-blue shifting multichrome, packed with silver holographic microglitter and holographic particles. This is a gorgeous one! The shifting shimmer does a beautiful job here and makes you stare at your nails all the time 🙂

The brand recommends doing 2-3 coats with this polish. I did two thin ones and it was perfectly opaque.


My Lifelong Sorrow

This is a thermal polish. The brand describes it as a pale champagne pink with golden glow (warm) through to a bolder orange with golden glow (cold). I have only recently started warming up to thermals and now I’m scared that it might become my new obsession 🙂

This polish feels very summery to me. I wore it when the weather decided to be nice and give us some sun for a change and the polish looked so pretty under the sun! Since it wasn’t very warm even with the sun shining, I had a chanced to enjoy the polish changing the colours a lot. I used two coats for my pictures but depending on your nails length I can easily see that you might need three coats.


Currant Wine

The brand describes it as a berry crème with blue glow. It looks a little darker on my nails than it does in the bottle but I’m really glad it turned out that way! The finest shimmer is very welcome here, love it!

I used two coats for my pictures. It doesn’t have much shine on its own so top coat is a good idea here (and it makes that glow stand out so much more!)

Trees Talking in Their Sleep

This is another thermal polish of the collection. The brand describes it as a soft brown (cold) to clear (warm) thermal packed with an ethereal emerald green glow and luminescent green-blue shifting flakes. I was really excite about this one — it is so unique to me, I have nothing similar in my stash! Also because I love flakies a lot but you probably know this already 🙂

The brand recommends using three coats and I agree completely. That way it will be very saturated and opaque when cold (which means extremely beautiful!)


This Freckled Witch

Look at this beauty! This is very multichrome, very shifty, very fabulous! The brand describes it as a red to greeny-copper multichrome packed with silver holographic glitters and holographic particles. The polish does shift wonderfully allowing you to catch every colour mentioned.

Two coats will be enough here and you would probably want to use a thicker top coat to smooth everything out.


Lake of Shining Waters

Another gorgeous shade that will be my pick this summer! The brand describes it as a vibrant bright blue packed with green-purple shifting duochrome shimmers and scattered holographic particles. it reminds me of water (not surprisingly, I know) but you know, vacational type of water — seas and oceans and relaxing and just enjoying the weather and some breeze. Love!

The brand says you might need three coats to get this one opaque but I did two and was more than fine 🙂


White Way of Delight

The brand describes it as a off-white crelly base with soft copper glow, filled with white and silver holographic glitters of various sizes and holographic particles. Here comes the stunner — yet again! I love white and off-white polishes — cremes, jellies, shimmers, glitters, I’ll take anything. This one also has that glow to it which makes me love it even more 🙂

I like that it is a little bit on the thinner side, that way it’s very easy to apply. It makes it quite sheer but that’s the point — otherwise you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the glitter and the copper glow. The brand suggests three-four thin coats. I tried using three on a clear base and then I painted it again onto a coat of a ridgefilling base (which gives a wash of nude colour to the nails) and this time I used two thin coats. The second option works awesome — it allows the polish to stay ethereal and airy and gives you even coverage at the same time.


If I had to choose only three shades, I would pick Lake of Shining Waters, Currant Wine and White Way of Delight. It was really hard to pick only three though!

I also wanted to share a link to The Green Gables collection lookbook. I didn’t know polish brands even did this! I just went to check whether the page for this collection was available or not and stumbled upon this. Since I loved the way they paired the images, I I thought maybe you’d like to see it too. So here it is — link

Do you have a favourite among this collection?

*provided by the brand  / предоставлено брендом

  • Olya Pavlova

    Замечательный обзор! Мне очень, очень понравился Currant Wine.

    • спасибо огромное, Оля! Вино получилось прекрасное, синий отлив делает его еще лучше

  • Link

    All your pictures are fabulous Alice, and there are so many of them !!! Omg LOOOOOVE ! But … yes, there is a «but» ^^ But there is one shade in particular, that overrides all of the others. Lake of Shining Waters is clearly a HUUUUUUGE crush for me, and even more when you swatch it ! Omg that shade, deep love ! Thanks for sharing such a wonder in such a wonderful way dear, as well as all the other shades ! I really love all of your swatches <3

    • I couldn’t resist putting all of them here 🙂 I can’t be content with just one or two pics, I love to have a lot haha 🙂
      Lake of Shining Waters is truly fascinating! I look at it and all I see is the sea or some magic lake from those books and I want to be there near those waters… Enjoying the breeze and relaxing…