We’re nearing the beginning of a new month and that means there’s a new Femme Fatale collection just around the corner. For the month of July the brand drew their inspiration from the Practical Magic film of 1998. The plot mostly centers around Sally and Gillian Owens, born into a magical family, who have mostly avoided witchcraft
themselves. But when Gillian’s vicious boyfriend, Jimmy Angelov, dies unexpectedly, the Owens sisters give themselves a crash course in hard magic.

The moodboard for the collection gives us a lot of ideas what colours we’ll be enjoying this time. There are some gorgeous blues and purples in it and I’m always excited about those colours. The polishes will be available July 1st-5th on the brand’s website and they will go to stockists.

Let’s see what we’ve got this month 🙂

Amas Veritas

The first shade is described as a brilliant, foil-like silvery teal-to-pink shifter resting on a warm brown base with holographic cosmic flakes in it. I am very thankful to have a description provided by a brand because this polish is such a chameleon that I would have trouble telling you what colour it is if Femme Fatale didn’t help me.

I did three coats for this one although I was really tempted to stop at two. I did see some unevenness at certain angles so I went for a thin third in the end. If you don’t have the habit of closely inspecting your nails whenever an opportunity presents itself, then you might be fine with just two coats.

Circle Around The Moon

This shade is a true glitter bomb! It is described as a clear base jam-packed with silver holographic hexes, bars, stars, moons and squares. Accented with red to green shifting
aurora shimmer, iridescent glitters and silver holographic flecks.

Now that is something! It’s party in a bottle! I love that it has shifting shimmer in it, that makes it stand out from my other glitter toppers and it gives a lovely glow to the polish. My only concern is those bar glitters. The thing is I don’t appreciate bar glitters in pretty much anything. I’ll take any shape but bars are not my thing. I was lucky, though, as I did get only a couple of them for all my nails and they weren’t that much noticeable in the whole shebang. My pics show one coat of polish over a nude base.


Dark and Unnatural

This polish is described as a mulberry jelly filled with crystal flakes, scattered holographic microglitters and iridescent glitters. The colour is sooo gorgeous! It does look like it’s mulberry jam packed with something beautiful in it 🙂 The brand was very generous with all the flakes and glitters so the polish is a bit thick in texture to me. Please keep in mind that I prefer thin textures and am always ready to do an extra coat instead of having to deal with something thicker. Most polishes that I think have a great formula and apply easily are in fact considered by people as «too runny».

Having said that, I now think that I wish I knew that it would be on the thicker side. I believe that it can cover in one coat if applied carefully and with a loaded brush. I ended up doing two coats because my first was too think and the coverage was a bit uneven. It also loves topcoat so I would recommend a coat of some gel-like topcoat (for example, Essie Gel Setter) to make the final look spectacular.


Deathwatch Beetle

The next polish is a sky blue (warm) to royal blue (cold) thermal with green-pink shifting aurora shimmer. Whenever I see a blue polish, I scream with delight so you can easily guess what my feelings towards this shade are 🙂 The shimmer there does shift to pink at certain angles in real life so there’s one more bonus. But it gets even better since it’s a thermal!

The formula is ah-mazing here (according to me, at least, haha). It glides easily and its jelly-ish feel is so pleasant. This polish is so great to actually apply! The process of application was as delightful as wearing the polish on my nails and admiring it, I kid you not! It took me three thin coats which I didn’t mind at all.


Doomed To Die

This shade is said to be a squishy blurple crelly packed with red chrome shifting flakes, red iridescent shifting flakes, and red-green aurora shimmer. The description doesn’t lie, it is a true blurple! Depending on the lighting it can look completely blue or straightforwardly purple so if you see different swatches, it means that the lighting was different.

It is a bit sheer which allows us to use this polish as a topper for any purple or blue polishes. My pictures show three coats of polish on its own + a coat of topcoat.


The Agony of Love

The last polish from the collection is a crème coral with beige tones accented with orange metallic shimmer. This one has a look of those specked polishes that are irrevocably cute 🙂 I love how understated this shade is and how sophisticated it looks.

It takes two easy coats for the polish to cover completely and I added a coat of topcoat to add the extra gloss.


My favourite is the blue thermal this time! It is simply stunning and that shifting shimmer just makes everything even more beautiful. I am completely smitten with it! I did like the collection as a whole, it has a great variety of finishes and I am very happy with the colour scheme of the polishes. I would take the bar glitters out hehe but hey, that’s just me 🙂

Scroll down, there are some extra polishes waiting!


I thought I would show the Color of The Month and the Fiend of The Month that Femme Fatale creates, well, every month as I’m sure you guessed already 🙂 This moth the polishes are inspired by something delicious! Let’s have a look.

Buttercream & Berries (FOTM July ’19)

This polish is an exclusive for the Femme Fatale Fiends (FB group) and only available on the brand’s website. This polish is described as a pale apricot crelly with assorted microglitters in red, brown and maroon. I really like that FF is doing more glitter shades because they all turn out to be so pretty! I mean, look at this one! It does look yummy and makes me think of all the desserts I would like to eat right now 🙂 I did two coats + topcoat.


Bubble Cake (COTM ’19)

It is a purple (cold) to blue (warm) thermal  with assorted fuchsia glitters in circles and hexes. It starts out as a sheerer polish but can be build up if needed to a more intense version of itself. I used a light nude base coat and that made the warmer colour of the polish look brighter on my nails. I did three coats + a thicker coat of topcoat.

Both polishes of the month are beautiful. Does it mean that I can’t get enough of glitter shades? Well, if it is, I don’t mind at all 🙂 Give me more any time!

*provided by the brand